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What happens to fish that live in the ocean?
They adapt to the high level of salt.
Name some gases that are dissolved in the ocean.
oxygen, carbon dioxide
Can any fish live in both salt and fresh water?
Yes, but only a few types.
In what kind of water do objects float more easily?
salt water
If you had a layer of salt water on top of a layer of fresh water, what would happen to it?
The salt water would sink and mix with the fresh water.
What carries the dissolved minerals to oceans?
If you had a layer of fresh water on top of a layer of salt water, what would happen to it?
The fresh water would float on the salt water.
Is the salinity throughout the ocean mostly the same or very different.
The salinity is mostly the same throughout the ocean, but can differ a little here and there.
Which is more salty, ocean water or fresh water?
ocean water
When the water in salt water evaporates, what happens to the salinity?
The salinity gets higher.
Where does the salt come from?
minerals in rocks