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Mesopelagic Zone- dePth
200-1000 Meters
Mesopelagic Zone -Oxygen level
1-7 ppm (parts Permillion)
Mesopelagic Zone- Salinity levle
Mesopelagic Zone-Location
"Twilight zoNe " middle waters
Mesopelagic Zone - Pressure range
21 atmospheres-101 atmss
Mesopelagic Zone- Nutrients
fewer nutrients food shortage stressful
Mesopelagic Zone- Migration?
Vertical migration, good swimmers and counterillumination
Mesopelagic Zone- - Characteristics of the aminmals down there
Large eyese, light sensatives, mouth and teeth well developed _hinged jaw smaller in SIZE DUE TO LIMITED FOOD BIOLUMINESCENCE COMMON--------with lure, species id, counter illumination, photophores
Mesopelagic Zone - - - - - Colors
They are black and red and transparent and silvery.
Meso Pelagic Zone Most
Meso pelagic zone - ----- - - - - -- - - examples of Mesopelagic Animals/ CritTers
Hatchetfish ....Non Migrator
Dragonfish non Migrator
Viperfish migrator....

******nOte, migrators migrate to the epipelagic zoneeeeeee