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Epipelagic Zone- how much of oceans volume
Epipelagic Zone- depth
sealevel (0) to 200m (600')
Epipelagic Zone - mixing of h2o
Oxygen- 8-10 ppm of
temperature-23 celsius Salinity- uniform pu to 35%
Epipelagic Zone- Nutrients
Rich in nutrients especially over continental shelf
Epipelagic Zone - Pressure range
1 atmosphere
Epipelagic Zone- Life
Most life, most animals, carnivores, tiny to large size, good simmers, stremlined, strong muscles, good sences, countershading common (dark top, light bottom.)
Epipelagic Zone - Critters
Diverse and numerous- fish, whales, squid, zooplankton, photoplankton
Epipelagic Zone - Bioluminescence
Rare....not much
Epipelagic Zone -Environment for critters
Not very stressful, biggest stress is finding food and avoiding predators