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What fish returns to fresh water to lay it's eggs?
What is the world's largest know fish?
whale shark
What is the highest point of a wave called?
What creates waves?
Wind energy
Depending on the species of seahorse, what is the birthrate span?
3-1600 babies at one time
Name 2 types of sea dragons found in the Fl. Aquarium
Leafy and Weedy
Describe the body of a seahorse.
covered by large rectangular bony plates
What is the lowest part of a wave called?
trough (trawf)
What is an animal's use of color or patterns to hide called?
What kind of tail do seahorses have?
Sea horses are members of what family?
What is the smallest seahorse and where is it found?
The dwarf seahorse found in Florida.
A person that studies the ocean is called?
How can you help the conservation efforts of seahorses?
Avoid purchasing them as souvenirs or for your home aquarium.
Is it easier to stay afloat in an ocean or a lake and why
Ocean, salt allows for bouyancy
What does a whale shark eat?
Animals without backbones are called?
Give an example of a marine invertebrate.
octopus, star fish,squid, etc
What invertebrate did you see in the Aquarium that can sting?
jelly fish
How many arms do octopus have and what are they called?
8 tentacles
What percentage of the earth is water?
Every twelve hours the rising and falling of waves is called?
Name the 5 oceans
Atlantic, Pacific, Artic, Antarctic, Indian
What fish blows up and protects itself with spines?
Are coral and sponges plants or animals?
What animal lacks it's own hard shell so must find a shell to live in for protection?
hermit crab
A person that stuides sea animals is called?
marine biologist
What protected shallow ocean habitats are rich in life and are most often developed in tropical areas
coral reefs
What fish uses a "fake worm" to lure it's prey?
angler fish
Name at least 2 major threats to coral reefs.
pollution, dredging, careless collecting of coral specimens
What organ can be so large in a shark that it can occupy almost 90% of it's body cavity?
What do you call soft-bodies animals that are protected by 2 hard shells that are hinged together
Name the colorful fish that live among the sea anemone
Give an example of a bivalve
oyster, clam, scallop
Name the flat fish that has cartilage instead of a bone and buries itself in the sand
Name the long, snake-like fish that have circular gills
moray eel
Name the fast swimming invertebrate with 10 arms
The sea cow is another name for what aquatic mammal?
The predatory animal that looks like a flower and lives on the ocean floor is called
sea anemone
What is the favorite food of the leatherback sea turtle?
Why is a shark's skin so rough?
It is made up of millions of sharp tooth like scales
What grows primarily in salt water and has prop roots that provide shelter for smaller animals?
Name at least 2 types of coral you saw during the coral reef dive show?
sea fans, brain coral, coral lips