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divergent plate boundary
hydrothermal vents & rift valley
convergent plate boundary
island arc & oceanic trench
both convergent & divergent plate boundaries
mountains & volcanoes
ancient precursor of Pacific Ocean
supercontinent 200 million years ago
depression along ridge axis
rift valley
study of magnetism over geologic time
study of changes in character of oceans due to geographic changes
Deep focus earthquakes are often associated with...
deep-sea trenches
At divergent plate boundaries, only _________ earthquakes can be found
Climate distribution is controlled by
Continental drift was confirmed by the study of
pattern of alternating magnetic polarity of seafloor rocks
Confirmation of seafloor spreading was confirmed by
the age of the seafloor
Seafloor magnetic pattern
parallel to and symmetric about ocean ridges
Differences in height between continental & oceanic crust
The asthenosphere is composed of...
outer mantle material
The lithosphere is composed of...
the crust and topmost portion of the outer mantle
Deep ocean trenches
convergent plate boundary & subduction zones
Mid-Atlantic ridge is an example of...
divergent boundary
Oceanic-oceanic convergent plate boundaries?
Volcanic island arcs
Oceanic-continental convergent plate boundary?
andesitic volcanoes