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Who are the 4 key stakeholders in occupational health and safety?
1. Employers
2. Employees
3. Government
4. Other partners
What are the 3 components of the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System in Ontario?
1. Product labels
2. Mat safety data sheets
3. Worker education/training
What are the 5 key elements of Heinrich's Domino Theory of Accident Causation?
1. Environment/workplace
2. Worker fault
3. Unsafe act
4. Accident
5. Injury or damage
What are the 6 key benefits of accident investigation?
1. Identify direct cause
2. Identify contr causes
3. Prevent similar accidents
4. Identify cost
5. Create a permanent record
6. Increase safety awareness
What are the 6 major categories of workplace stressors?
1. Workplace and workload
2. Role conflict
3. Career concerns
4. Interpersonal relationships
5. Content or job control
6. Work scheduling
Define a biological agent.
A toxin or infectious disease that has its origin in plants or animals or their by-products that can adversely affect human health, from mild allergic reaction to serious illness to death.
Define a chemical agent.
A chemical or substance that can adversely affect human health: gas, solid or liquid separated by temperature or pressure conditions. Most affect human health in the gas/vapour or liquid state through respiratory contaminants known as aerosols.
Provide 5 examples of biological agents.
1. Anthrax
2. E-coli
3. Smallpox
4. SARS virus
5. Asian bird flu
Provide 5 examples of chemical agents.
1. Ricin
2. Sulphuric acid
3. Adhesives
4. Paint fumes
5. Nerve or mustard gas
What are 7 organizational strategies for managing disability?
1. Culture values employees
2. Trained supervisors (RTW)
3. Modified/lt jobs for RTW
4. Ensure snr mgmt support
5. Intervene regularly
6. Maintain data systems
7. Have case mgmt capacity
What are the key responsibilities and duties of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee?
1. Identify pot hazards
2. Evaluate pot hazards
3. Rec corrective measures
4. Follow-up on measures
What role does senior mgmt play in ensuring a successful health and safety programme in the workplace?
1. Ensure corp culture that emphasizes worker H & S
2. Ensure H & S programmes, policies and procedures in place
3. Ensure worker awareness, education and training
4. Ensure Joint H & S Committee
5. Ensure PPE in place
6. Have consequences if PPE not properly used or worn
Define health promotion.
Strategy for improving the health of the population by providing individuals, communities and groups with the information and tools needed to make informed decisions about their well-being.
Provide 5 examples of health promotion programmes.
1. Anti-smoking
2. Nutrition and diet
3. Wellness and lifestyle
4. Physical fitness
5. Cardiac care
Describe an Employee Assistance Programme.
Provides employees with access to psychological services, professional counselling or access to community services for such issues as addictions, elder care, child care, family needs, etc.