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the origons of fish date how far back?
500 million years
how many species of fish are there worldwide?
define chordates.
animals having a dorsal nerve chord , nototchord and pharyngeal gill slits at some stage of development; includes all protochordates and vertebrae
hwo do sea squirts get their name?
they squirt water when disturbed
another name for sea squirts is:
what do sea squirts share with mollusks?
an incurrent and excurrent siphon
sea squirts have both male and female reproductive organs. does self fertilization occur?
generally, no
how many kinds of jawless fishes are alive today?
name the two kinds of jawless fishes.
the lamprey and the hagfish.
How many species of cartilaginous fish are there?
less than 700
What do cartilaginous fish breathe with?
Gill slits
How do some bottom feeding cartilaginous fish breathe?
they pump water trough their sphocles over their gill slits.
What is a shared Characteristic of all sharks?
a ventral mouth
How large can the "wingspan" of of a manta ray get?
7 meters.
With what does the stingray inflict pain?
With the sharp barb at the end of it's tail.
How manny teeth can the sawfish's nose contain?
up to 24.
Where is the sandpiper commonly found?
The intertidal zone.
What is the sandpipers main souece of food?
Invertebrates such as worms and insects.
What does the oystercatcher eat?
Mollusks of various types.
Where is the oyster catcher found?
Sandy beaches on the Atlantic and gulf coasts.
What other species of birds are in the same family as egrets?
Herons and flamingos.
Name several types of sea ducks.
Mergansers, Eiders, Grebes, and loons.
Name the steps a coormorant takes when diving for food.
It folds it wings, tuck in it's feet, and dives for the water.
How does the brown pelican use its neck pouch?
it uses it as a net to scoop the fish out of the water.
What is the wingspan of an albatros?
3 meters.
how long may the albatros stay ay sea for?>
3 to 4 years.
Name the fins of a shark.
Pectoral fins, First dorsal fin, second dorsal fin, anal fin, pelvic fins, and cauldal fin.
How do sharks reproduce?
male sharks use organs called claspers to transfer sperm into the female.
What is the percent of fish that belong to the class ostheoicthys?
what is one way to tell the age of a fish?
some of the scales may have bands that indicate one year of growth.
What is the sense organ located in the sharks nose?
The Amullae of Lorenzini.
How have bony fish adapted to life in the water?
They have thick scales and secrete mucus from their skin.
What Purpose does the mucus on a fidh derve?
It acts as a barrier against infection and reduces friction on the fish so it can swim faster.
What is the flap of skin that covers the gills?
It is the operculum.
How does a fish use it gills?
The fish pumps water through the mouth to the gill while closing the opeculum. The gills diffuse oxygen from the water and send it into the blood stream.
What are fish that have the ability to swim called?
They are called nekton.
How do fish swim?
They use their fins and contract muscles to move.
What is the fastest fish in the ocean?
According to some, the swordfish.
What does pelagic mean?
open water.
What does the speed of a fish depend on?
The body shape and power.
What is the body shape of a tuna?
It is the fusiform shape.
How are the fastest speeds obtained in fish?
when a fish uses its tail to propel itself the water.
What type of blood are fish?
Most are cold-blooded, or more properly Ectothermic.
What are feeding methods of seabirds?
They are, forging in the sand, short trips to the sea, and diving.
How does the side to side motion of a fish cause it to move forward?
When a fish tail pushes against the water, swirling currents called vortices are produced. Scientist have hypothisied that these vorticies produce thrust which propels the fish forward.