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What is temp?
Measure of kinetic energy possessed by the particles of a substance.
What is pressure?
the force per unit area.
what is kinetic energy?
is the energy a substance has due to to the motion of its molecules.
what is heat?
when kinetic energy of a substance is transfered to another substances.
where is the highesy temp in the ocean found?
The hydrothermal vents
how high can the temps reach at the hydrothermal vents?
more than 350 degrees
why does water take longer to heat?
it has a higher specific heat
what is specific heat?
the amount of heat needed to raise the temp of one gram of a substance one degree celsius.
what is heat measured in?
what is a calorie.
the amount of heat required to raise the temp of one gram of water one degree celsius.
What is a bathythermograph?
a narrow torpedo-shaped canister that is lowered into the ocean to make comtinous temp readings.
What is metabolic activity?
orangisms internal energy level.
whta is Glycoprotein?
keeps fish from freezing in cold temps, natural antifreeze, coats ice crystals
what is endothermic?
maintaining a stable body temp
what causes hypothermia?
excessive loss of body heat
what is hydrostatic pressure?
pressur eexerted dy the water's mass
what is ambient pressure?
is the sum of the pressure from the water and the atmosphere
What is the current depth record for scuba diving?
132 Meters
what is barotrauma?
any diving injury associated with pressure
what is "the bends"
a diving injury involved with pressure
how do you get the bends?
from coming up too fast from the bottom
what is decompression?
the sudden decreese in pressure when ascending while diving
what is a gas bubble blocking a blood vessel in an important organ?
it is called air embolism
what do you do to prevent these things ffrom happening?
breath normally on the way up and dont go too fast
what happens when you take dives below 30 meters?
you seem drunk or intoxicated
what is this called?
Nitrogen narcosis
nitrogen makes up what percent of the air we breath?
ablility to maintain a proper water balence in a body