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Rickettsia vs. Chlamydia
making atp
chlamydia cannot make its own APT - rickettsia can
how does rickettsia multiply
slowly by binary fission w/in vacuole of endothelial cells
causes lysis of cell
causes typhus
rickettsia prowazekii
treatment of typhus
vector of r. prawazekii
louse -
louse defecates
symptoms of typhus
fever, headache, rash
diagnosis of typhus
increase in ab serological tests
Weil-Felix reaction
old serological test used to test for r. prowazekii. based on cross-reacting Ag - not used cause even though it is sensitive - it is not specific enough
sporadic human infections of r. prwazekii come from
flying squirrel fleas
Brill-Zinsser disease
recrudescen disease of typhuus. happens when pt is immunocompressed - headache rash
chlymidia AND rickettsia are treated with
endemic murine typhus is spread by what vector
group squirrel flea - but rat is natural host
rocky mountain fever vector and organism
tick - rickettsia rickettsia
diagnosis of rickettsia rickettsia
fluorescent Ab on skin biopsy
characterisitic symptome of rocky mountain spotty fever
rash on hands and feet
rickettsia akari cause
rickethial pox

vector is mouse mite
rickettsa where outbreaks are usually confined to single building
rickettsia akari
cause of Q fever
coxiella burneti
where does coxiella burnetti come from
no arthropod transmissoin

comes from inhalation of c. burnetti in spore like stage form placental tissue of animal
c. burnetti causes
interstitial pneumonia
ehrlichia causes what two things
moncytic ehrlichiosis and granulocytic erlichiosis

caused by two diff obligate intracellular bacteria
erlichiosis cause what symptoms
fever, lymphocytopenia
small non-multiplying riid form of chlamydia needed for transmission
elementary bodies
actively multiplying form of chlamydia - non infectious
initial bodies
how are elementary bodies taken up into cells
induce phagocytosis
chlamydia cause intense inflammatory response which turns on cellular genes for the secretion of what
lymphokines - counter intuitive
people inhale bird feces
chlamydia psittaci
causes interstitial pneumonia and a natural parasite of birds
c. psittacie
diagnosis of c. psittaci
1. compare acute and convalescent Ab titers
2. PCR
3. Ab to detect cytoplasmic inclusion bodies
can you grow c. psittaci in blood agar
c. pneumoniae is spread
person to person
three TYPEs of diseases caused by chlamydia trachomatis
1. venereal
2. inclusion conjuntivitis
3. trachoma
may cause sterility or ectopic pregnancy, but often asymptomatic in females
c. trachomatis
cause of NGU
c. trachomatis
usually a neonatal disease passed by verticla transmission but can be STD
inclusion conjunctivitis
treatemtn of c. trachomatis
azithromyzin sometimes tetracycline
major cause of blindess world wide
trachoma - spread via fly usually
how might you detect prior or current disease of c. trachomatis
DTH to heat killd LGV infected intradermally (Frei test)
diagnosis of c. trachomatis
the two types of chlamydia that cause pneumonia
c. psittici and penumoniae
lymphoneria granomia
caused by c. trachomasis -
causes ulcerating papule on external genetalial - painless - rare - more invasive than other STD
Lympnoneria granomia
lymphoneria granomia is treated with
tetrocycline and azithromycin

diagnosis by frei test