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What is the first line and second line treatment for PCOS?
OCP, Metformin
E: Metformin is reserved for women with PCOS who want to conceive
Raised alkalline phosphatase is normal in the absence of signs/symptoms is normal in which groups?
Pregnant women
Growing children
E: Placenta secretes alkalline phosphatase
What sort of discharge does trichomonal infection present with?
What is the treatment of post-partum mastitis?
Penicllinase resistant penicillin
Explanation: The commonest organism is Staph aureus
What is the treatment of gonnococcal vaginitis?
Ceftriaxone + azithromycin
E: Single dose of ceftriaxone and azithromycin
When do you need to resample the cervix during a Pap smear?
If the smear does not have endocervical cells AND the patient is high risk.
What is the immediate management of patients at term and have preeclampsia?
IV Magnesium sulfate
What is the next step in management of a patient with decreased fetal movement and non-responsive nipple stimulation test?
Biophysical profile
How do you perform a CST?
Check for response after nipple stimulation (NST) or oxytocin.
When do you follow up for a normal Pap smear, a Pap smear which shows ASCUS and a pap smear which shows LGSIL?
Normal: 1-3 years
ASCUS: 3-6 months, if still ASCUS, colposcopy
LGSIL: 4-6 months; if non-compliant, consider colposcopy
What is the next step in management if HGSIL is discovered on Pap smear?
Colposcopy with endocervical currettage and directed biopsy
What is the next step in management: Pap smear is suggestive of CIS or if colposcopy is unsatisfactory or if endocervical biopsy is positive?
Cone biopsy
What is the next step in the management if there is a 2 step discrepancy between Pap smear and positive biopsy?
Cone biopsy
A pregnant woman presents with numerous erythematous, edematous, vesicular papules along the periumbilical striae distensae. What is the diagnosis?
Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy.
What is the treatment of Graves' disease in pregnant women?
What are the two tests at the 28th week visit during a pregnancy?
OGTT, Rh typing
What is the management of a pregnant patient found to be Rh-?
Explanation: All Rh- women should be given Rhogam.
Why should you check the blood type of all pregnant women who bleed?
To assess for Rh status.
In women who are Rh-, Rhogam should be given within 72 hours of the bleed.
What is the commonest complication of LEEP?
Postoperative bleeding
What is the first step in the management of a patient aged over 35, presenting with an abnormal vaginal bleeding pattern?
Pipelle endometrial biopsy
How often do you measure hCG after methotrexate treatment for molar pregnancy?
At day 4, day 7 and weekly until the B-hcg is negative. Treatment is considered to be successful if there is a 7% drop from day 4 to day 7.
Can a woman who is Hepatitis B surface antigen positive breast feed?
E: Breast feeding by Hep BsAg positive mothers does not increase the risk of infection.
What is the management of an infant born to a mother who is Hep B surface antigent positive?
Hepatitis B vaccination
Hepatitis B immunoglobulin