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what does early care do
improved outcomes
is every pregnancy the same
no, each is different
if something is normal, is it safe to say that it will remain that way?
no, anything normal can become abnormal
what kind of things do we need to look for/ask about in hi risk clients
Health history (look for face and hand edema, ab pain, bleeding, increased BP, blurred vision, spots.)
Physical exams (VS, inspect,palpate of uterus and cervix,labs)
What is a spontaneous abortion?
loss of pregnancy before the fetus is viable outside the uterus, misscarriage, birth that occours before the end of 20 weeks gestation.
Spontaneous ab
partial separation of placenta
some prods of conception remain in the body
all prods of conception are expelled
no viability, fetus is not expelled
keep getting pregnant, keep losing baby, 3 or more
What are some causes of abortion
Abn developement, faulty implantation (unfavorable uerine environment), Infection/disease/drug use, trauma.
What are some complications of abortion
hemmorhage-bleeding, esp in 1st trimester. Sepsis-shock, renal failure
How do we treat an abortion
Depends on the type, but in general=stop the pain, freq VS, comfort (grief), teaching (comfort, safety, rest), RhoGam (usu with rh- moms, don't know babies blood type)
What is another mane for a Hydatidiform mole?
Gestational trophoblastic disease.
What is a hydatidiform mole?
degenerative process in the chorionic villi, gving rise to multiple cysts and rapid growth of the uterus, with hemmorhage.
What are the s&s of a HM? How is it diagnosed?
s&s of pregnancy, but not really pregnant, usu discovered in the first 18 weeks, and client may have a brownish froth in vag area. Dx through sonogram.
How do we Tx a HM?
D&C to remove the tumor, usu expelled in the 4th month. PIH or preeclamsia may appear in 1st trimester, so TX this as well.
What teaching should be done? How often should a pap be done?
Dont get preg for at least a year, and a pap q 3 mos.
What is a client wth a HM at greater risk for?
Uterine cancer, or choriocarcinoma.
What is an ectopic pregnancy?
implantation of all prods of conception somewhere besides the uterus, like the falloopian tubes.
Doest it cause bleeding?
yes, its the 2nd greatest cause of 1st trimester bleeding
what are the S&S of EP
severe pain, bleeding, dizzy/faint, Nause, vomiting, presents like appendicitis
How is an EP Dx
preg test, poss of fallopian tube rupturing, may bledd to death
How do we Tx a EP?
Methotrexate possibly, look at physical needs, teaching, RhoGam, Emotional needs.
What is an incompetenet cervix?
painless dilation of the cervical os, no contractions, everything empties, habital abortion.
Tx of IC
Cerclage/sew cervix shut, Activity restrictions (no sex), monitor mom/baby. Usu appears in 2nd trimester
What is hyperemesis gravidarium?
excessive vomiting during pregnancy that results in fluid and electrolyte imbalance and dehyration (nutritional imbalance) usu in 2nd trimester
How do you Tx HG?
rehydrate with IV fluids, antiemetics. NI-monitor I&O, small, frequent meals
What is premature labor?
labor prior to the 37th week. usu between 20-37 weeks.
what is the desired outcome of premature labor
healthy mom and baby
what meds are given to help with PL?
Mag sulfate, terbutaline, brethine.
Hwat does mag sulfate do?
Its a depressant, monitor the BP and deep tendon reflexes, monitor the I&O, and frequent VS.
What is the theraputic level of Mag sulfate? What is the antidote to mag sulfate?
4-8 is the ther level, and calcium gluconate is the antidote.
How do we give terbutaline/brethine? Why do we give it?
SQ or PO, its given for those individuals on bed rest at home. Take it q 4 hours, it may cause tachycardia and the jitters.
Why do we give steriods to premature labor clients?
Steroids such as betametasone and dexamethasone stress the baby and help with fetal lung devlopement. They inc surfactant and inturn help with O2 exchange.
What is another drug used to prevent labor?
Indomethasone, or indocin. Cant give to much, or may close the PDA.
What is PIH?
preg induced hypertension, toxemia, preeclampsia
What is preeclampsia?
hypertension, edema, and protienuria.
What is mild/severe Pre?
140/92, 2+protienuria, puffiness in hands and face.
170/110, 4+ protienuria, severe swelling.
What is the baseline rule for pre?
30/15 above the baseline BP is pre status.
When is preeclamsia most common? What are some S&S?
Is most common in the 1st preg, however doesn't really show up until the 2/3rd trimester. It affects all systems, look for headaches, dyspnea, blurred vision, spots in eyes. Also montior for NV, hyper reflexia, and + clonus.
What happens if yoy have all the signs of PIH and epigatric pain as well?
possible HELLP syndome
What can preeclampsia advance to?
What is eclampsia?
It is severe preeclampsia with seizures, possibly caused by inc ICP or uteroplacental ischemia.
Is there a cure for pre?
yes, delivery of the baby (only one)
What are S&S of Pre?
Inc BP, protienuria, oliguria, headache, blurred vision/spots, abdomen hurts, NV, hyperreflexia.
How is Dx of pre done?
look for inc BP, Protienuria, edema, deep tendon reflexes, clonus.
Should sezure precautions be take with pre/eclampsia, if so, what are they?
yes, dark quiet room, mag sulfate (CNS depressant, monitor I&O's, keeps from seizing), Count fetal movements, assess for headache/consiousness/spots, daily weight, edema, deep tendon reflexes q4 hrs, bed rest, and an inc protien diet.