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Which reproductive system cancer has very subtle warning signs?
A deficiency in what hormone would result in a woman not being able to mentruate?
Meiosis divides each cell to result in what?
An oocyte
Which hormone cause smooth muscle relaxation?
At what point in the pregnancy can one hear the baby's heart rate?
3-5 weeks.
At what point in the pregnancy can there be damage from temperature changes?
2-7 weeks.
When can immunity to Rubella be treated in a pregnancy?
Not until after the delivery.
When a woman is pregnant her plasma volume increases by how much?
What are VDRL and RPR tests done for?
diagnosis of syphilis
What should 1st trimester women avoid exposure to?
What is a successful non-stress tests.
>2 accelerations with fetal movement of 15 beats/min for 15 seconds
If a woman who is not 40 weeks is having watery discharge what should she do?
come to the hospital
What side should a woman lay on to help with comfort during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters?
Her left side
Decreased iron intake can lead to what?
an increased infection risk
A blood pressure of 140/90 is indicative of what?
PIH. You should evaluate prenatal record for history.
If a woman's membranes rupture what should the nurse do?
call the doctor and prepare for a sterile speculum exam.
Gestational diabetes can result in babies that are...
Large for gestational age.
Woman with PIH are at risk of having babies that have...
intrauterine growth restriction or small for gestational age.
At what age is one able to detect HIV in children?
not til 12 months of age.
What is the risk of hyperemesis gravidarum?
Depletion of nutrients in 1st trimester.
What is one risk of PROM?
infection is likely.
One in how many babies die in the first 28 days of life?
What percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage?
Which is not part of the Theory of grieving?
yearning and searching
Who are generally forgotten about in the grieving process?
What are examples of losses during childbearing?
infertility, miscarriage, abortion
When following up with a person who has experienced a loss it is important to...
Follow-up with calls, cards and remembering special dates
What is the unique part of preganncy and infant loss compared to ther life-situation losses.
loss of dreams, hopes, and plans.
what is the most helpfulthat a nurse who is caring for a mother who has had a stillborn can do.
arrange a blanket, locks of hair, footprints, and pictures for the mother.
Why can miscarriages or fetal losses complex and acute experiences for fathers and mothers in the US today?
Fathers and mothers are getting attached to the baby earlier in the pregnancy because of prenatal sonograms.
Mothers and fathers who have experienced a stillbirth or fetal loss report which of the following nursing actions as most helpful?
a touch, hug, or squeeze of hand.
what was the average time given from people on the street regarding how long the grieving process is.
3 days
A mother presents on the OB floor who has just found out her baby is going to be stillborn at 37 weeks. As a nurse, what theory is most helpful in guiding you to help support this mother?
Theory of Caring
After a client receives the news that she is to have a stillbirth, she says, "At least we can get a new car now." What stage of grief may this pt be in?
in an early stage of grieving
When a mother loses a baby, the grief process comes about in what way?
It is different for each person.
What are some examples of a loss during childbirth?
induction, extra digits on the baby, abortion, having twins
According to the second stage in the Theory of Caring for a mom who has experienced a loss, the nurse is prepared to do what?
be emotionally present fo the woman.
What should be an appropriate statement when trying to console a patient about their loss?
I'm sorry
A nurse caring for a mother who is placing her child up for adoption should say what to the girl?
Tell me your adoption plans.
A person experiencing the honeymoon phase might express what?
a faith in God or a higher power
What is the first step of Bowlby and Parks four steps of grief?
shock and numbness
What is not true about grief?
clients should be encouraged to just move on with life
What is the best approach when presenting options to a family who has just expereinced a stillbirth?
Some families feel better when they hold the baby, take pictures and keep momentos.
Elizabeth Kubler Ross theory of grief differs from Bowlby and Parks in what way?
The proces of grief according to Kubler Ross is a linear process.
What are the steps in the grieving process with Bowlby and Parks?
shock and numbness, yearning and searching, disorientation and disorganization, resolution and reorganization.
What is the theory of aging/steps to resolving a loss such as a misscarriage?
coming to know, losing and gaining, receiving and not receiving, realizing that other feel the loss, going public, seeing other pregnant women, getting through, trying again
What is the theory of caring related to nursing for a person who has experienced a loss
Knowning and achnowledging, being emotionally presnet, doing for the patient under stress, enabling, facilitating grief, maintain and sustain belief in the person's capacity
The elizabeth kubler ross stages of dying
anger, bargaining, depression, accpetance.
T/F: Studies and person expereince show that grieving follows a specific predictable order.
T/F: Enabling or facilitating grieving is a way nurses can assist with the grieing process.
T/F: The shorter the preganncy the easier it is to deal with a loss.
T/F: When a mother chooses to terminate a pregnancy, she will not feel grief because it was a conscience decision.
T/F: Current medical practice does not allow a mother to go through labor with a stillbirth.
T/F: Today mothers are encouraged to hold and bond with their stillborn baby.
T/F: People who lose an infant or child to death go through a different grieving process from that of the dath of an adult.
T/F: It is normal to see those who have lost a child be functioning normally at the beginning.
T/F: If a mother has a stillborn baby it is important NOT to let her see or hold the baby due to the distressing effects this may have.
T/F: Anti-depression medication is the most important intervention for clients experiencing grief.
The nurse if reviewing the lab tests of four prenatal clients. Which lab finding would support the diagnosis of hyperemesis gravidarum?
A prenatal client is admitted to the hospital with severe hyperemesis gravidarum. Which feeding pattern or diet should the nurse anticipate for this client?
NPO for 24-48 hours
A client at 30 weeks gestation is admitted to the hopital with vaginal bleeding. What should be the nurse's initial nursing action?
assess blood pressure and pulse
A client at 36 wks gestation is admitted to the labor unit. Her chief complaint is abdominal cramping with a sudden gush of fluid. What is the priority nursing diagnosis for this prenatal client?
risk for infection related to premature rupture of membranes
A prenatal client presents at the client with unexplained bleeding, cramping, and backache, which she has had for the past 2 days. A pelvic exam reveals a closed cervix. What type of abortion does this indicate.
The nurse correctly responds to a client's question about how often ectopic pregancies occur by stating:
about 1-2% of all pregnancies are ectopic.
A client presents at the doctor's office with complaints of right sided abdominal pain and dizziness. A pelvic exam determines the patient is about 10 weeks pregnant with adnexal tenderness. what diagnosis could the nurse expect?
ectopic pregnancy
A client is 15 wks gestation presents at the prenatal clinic with prune-juice like vaginal bleeding. Other assessment data include a hematocrit of 10 and complaints of severe nausea and vomiting. What diagnosis should the nurse expect?
hydatidiform mole
A nurse in the prenatal clinic is reviewing the charts of four clients diagnosed with an incompetent cervix. Which client would be the best candidate for a cerclege?
a client with 12 weeks gestation with a 3mm cervical dilation
A prenatal nurse is assessing a client at 34 weeks gestation who complains of water vaginal discharge. What should be the nurse's initial action?
Test the fluid with nitrazine fluid.
The nurse assesses a laboring client whose conctractions occur every 5-7 minutes and last for 30 seconds. Which phase of labor is the client in?
The physician orders internal fetal monitoring for a laboring client. What criteria must the client meet prior to the procedure?
The membranes must be ruptured
A client is admitted to the birthing center with possible rupture of membranes. What substance in the fluid could contribute to a false positive reading on Nitrazine paper?
The nurse is evaluating an intrapartal client's bloodwork. Which laboratory finding should the nurse report to the physician or nurse mid-wife?
platelets of 120,000
A nurse is assessing the frequency of contractions in a laboring client by palpation. Which of the following is the appropriate technique?
The nurse notes the beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the next one.
A nurse is planning to perform Leopold's maneuvers on a laboring client. What should be the nurse's initial action?
have the client void
A nurse is auscultating the heart rate of a fetus in a cephalic presentation. In which location would the nurse hear the heart rate most clearly?
lower quadrant of the maternal abdomen
The fetal monitor has shown late decelerations over the past 10 minutes. What does this pattern indicate?
uteroplacental insufficiency
The nurse has auscultated a fetal heart rate of 80. What should the nurses initial action?
check maternal pulse
The nurse is caring for a patient at 37 weeks gestation who has PIH and is in active phase of labor. How frequently should the nurse assess the fetal heart rate?
every 15 minutes.
A nurse is caring for a newborn. What should the nurse assess within 4 hours following birth?
A baby is born weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces and is 29.5 inches long at birth. In 6 months, what would the nurse expect the approximate length of this baby to be?
35-37 inches
A nurse is assessing a newborn of 24 hours and discovers 2mm white palpules on the neck and chest. What is the most likely diagnosis.
erythema toxicum
A nurse is palpating the fontanels on a newborn. In what position should the nurse place the newborn in for this exam?
A nurse is monitoring a baby in the nursery. What pulse rate should the nurse report to the doctor?
a baby with a pulse of 170 who is active
When breastfeeding, a woman should consume how many extra calories per day?
What is an example of a meal high in protein?
bacon, eggs, and toast
What is appropriate weight gain in pregnancy?
3 and 1/2 to 5 pounds in the first trimester and 1 pound per week in the last two trimesters.
What is naegle's rule?
begin with the first day of the last missed period, subtract three months, add 7 days
What is HCG?
human chorionic gonadotropin, thought to support the pregnancy by instigating the production of progesterone
What is the role of progesterone in the pregnancy?
inhibit smooth muscle contractions
What is the role of estrogen in the pregnancy?
increases uterine blood flow,
What is the role of prolactin in pregnancy?
allows for lactation
what is your name?