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If you get stuck in a log problem, what should you do?
Try changing to exponential form.
What is the formula for the length of an arc of a circle or sector?
(pizza crust)
What do you use when asked about "the nature of the roots"?
The discriminant
What are the four possible results when you find the discriminant... what do they mean?
How do you solve a quadratic INequality?
1. set EQUAL to zero
2. factor & solve
3. place the solutions on a number line. Test to find RANGE of solutions.
What is the formula for direct variation?
"two variables vary directly"
What is the formula for indirect variation?
y = a/x or xy = a
How would you solve this?
1. isolate base by dividing by 2.
2. raise exponent to the reciprocal power ... 3/2... both sides.
What is the equation of a circle?
How do you find variance?
Square the Standard Deviation
What do you do if you get a weird looking Trig Problem?
Look at the formula sheet.
Write this in a+bi form
re-write with an exponent
what does "is" mean (in math)?
is means =
What does "of" mean in math?
"of" means "times" - multiply
What does "or" mean in math probability
"or" means to add.
What is the inverse of the exponential function?
the log function