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In Service of Process by First Class Mail, time for D to sign and return acknowledgement receipt form.
within 30 days after D's receipt of process
Period before suit for filing of notice of claim against architect for personal injury against architect or engineer, when building was completed for 10 or more years
90 days
Time after commencing a case by which P must serve D
120 days; ct has discretion to extend even if the time has already lapsed and P has not made motion
Time between the "affixing" and the mailing (nail and mail) or the delivering and mailing (leave and mail)
must occur within 20 days of each other; does not matter which is first
When service is complete for "leave and mail" and "nail and mail" methods of service
10 days after proof of service is filed
Time limits for D's serving the answer when D is served with summons and complaint
20 days if D is served personally within NY; 20 days from date when acknowledgement is mailed if D is served by first class mail with acknowledgement. 30 days otherwise.
Time limits for D's making pre-answer motion to dismiss
Must be submitted before the expiration of the relevant answer period.
When D must serve answer if pre-answer motion to dismiss is denied
10 days after motion is denied
When P must serve complaint when commencement is made by summons with notice
20 days from when D serves notice of appearance or demand for complaint
Time limits for D's serving answer when D is served with summons and notice and D demands complaint
20 days
Date by which D must make follow-up summary judgment motion on grounds of improper service of process if D pleads this as a defense in his answer
60 days
Limit by which can no longer make amendments to pleadings as of right
20 days after D's service of answer (for both)
Time period for serving third party with third party summons
120 days after commencing proceedings by filing summons and third party complaint
Time period within which third party defendant must serve answer
20 or 30 days, consistent with rules for regular D
Time period within which P may amend complaint to add charges against 3rd party D
20 days after P is served with third party answer without leave of ct; otherwise must get ct's permission
Deadline by which moving party must serve motion papers on other party
8 days before return date
Deadline by which motion papers must be filed with court by both parties
return date
Date by which losing party must exercise appeal as of right
30 days of service of determining order
Time for making summary judgment motion
120 days from note of issue (placing date on trial calendar) unless party shows good cause
Return date for motion for SJ in lieu of complaint
20 days if D served personally within NY/30 days otherwise (same as action)
Date by which P must serve confirming motion on notice to confirm ex parte order of attachment after levying on D's property
if unlicensed foreign corporation or non-NY domiciliary 10 days after levy on property; otherwise 5 days
Time limit for temporary restraining order
8 days (but not sure exactly from when, etc.)?
Date by which P must serve confirming motion on notice to confirm ex parte order of seizure of chattel after seizing D's property
5 days
Return date for special proceeding
no sooner than 8 days from service of process
Date by which D must serve notice of intent to arbitrate
20 days from being served (I think)
If defendant pleads improper service of process as a defense in the answer...
must make follow-up motion for summary judgment on that ground within 60 days.
Minimum written notice for terminating tenancy at will in NY
30 days
Adverse possession/prescription period in NY
10 years
Ceremony of execution of will must be completed within
30 days
If order of attachment is made before summons, how long before summons must be served after order is granted
60 days