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Terrorist ____ vary in sophistication according to the level of training the individual or group has received
Under Terrorist Force Protection Conditions, please name the Force Protection condition- Declared when a general threat of possible terrorist activity is directed toward installation, vessels or personnel, the nature of which are unpredictable and where circumstances do not justify full implementation of FP condition BRAVO
Under terrorist attack methodology- (please enter what phase is discussed in the statement) Once a terrorist or terrorist group decides to conduct an attack they begin the process of target selection.
The following answers are acceptable: Target Operations Phase One- Target Operations
Under Terrorist Levels- Terrorist groups are present but there is no indication of anti-U.S. activity. The operating environment favors the host nation. What level is described?
Under Terrorist Levels - No terrorist group is detected or the group activity is nonthreatening. What level is described?
This type of terrorist activity involves a building or object that has value in the eyes of the audience. [A] hostage taking [B] seizure [C] raids [D] kidnapping
[B] seizure
A ___ group's selection of targets and tactics is often a function of the group's affiliation, level of training, organization, sophistication and opportunity
A critical factor in understanding terrorism is the ______ impact of the terrorist act on an audience other than the victim
This type of terrorist activity is sometimes employed as a means of escape, is normally carried out to produce a spectacular hostage situation.
This type of activities on facilities are usually undertaken for one of three purposes: to gain access to radio or television broadcast capabilities in order to make a statement; to demonstrate the government's inability to secure critical facilities or national symbols; or to acquire resources.
The following answers are acceptable: Raids Attacks
Under Terrorist Levels -An anti-U.S. terrorist group is operationally active and uses large casualty producing attacks as their preferred method of operation. There is substantial DOD presence and the operation environment favors the terrorist. What level is described?
This" is the crime of maliciously setting fire to a building or the property of another person. [A] Bombing [B] Arson [C] raids [D] weapons of mass destruction
[B] Arson
Under Terrorist Force Protection Conditions, please name the Force Protection condition- Declared when a terrorist attack has occurred in the immediate area or intelligence indicates a terrorist action against a specific location or person is likely. Declared only as a localized warning
Under terrorist attack methodology- Once a terrorist or terrorist group decides to conduct an attack they begin the process of target selection.
The following answers are acceptable: Target Operations Phase One- Target Operations
Under terrorist attack methodology- Detailed and often long term, surveillance is then conducted against the chosen potential target(s)
The following answers are acceptable: Detailed Surveillance Phase Four- Detailed Surveillance
This terrorist activity is usually a covert seizure of one or more specific persons in order to exact specific demands [A] Hostage [B] Hijacking [C] skyjacking [D] kidnapping
[D] kidnapping
Terrorist threat levels do not address when a ____ attack will occur and do not specify a Force Protection condition status.
This type of terrorist activity is an overt seizure of one or more individuals with the intent of gaining publicity or other concessions in return for release of the hostages. [A] Hostage taking [B] Hijacking [C] Skyjacking [D] Seizure
[A] Hostage taking
Under terrorist attack methodology- The attack plan will be developed, the attack team assembled and trained and logistics preparation made. What method is discussed?
The following answers are acceptable: Training and Preparation Phase five - Training and Preparation
Under Terrorist Force Protection Conditions, please name the Force Protection condition- Applies when a general threat of possible terrorist activity exists but warrants only a routine security posture.
What is a BLUE DART message?
Time sensitive incident notification message. indicated by Navy anti-terrorist alert center
What does ATAC stand for?
Navy anti-terrorist alert center
Who is a member of a political party who rebels against established leadership?
Who is required to take Level 1 Anti-terrorism training?
all DOD personnel, DOD employed contractors, and dependents age 14 and above
What does RAM stand for?
Random anti-terrorism measures
What does SOFA stand for?
Status of Forces Agreement
what is the new name for THREATCON?
Terrorist force protection condition
What does FAST stand for?
Fleet anti-terrorism security team
What does SWDG stand for?
surface warfare development group
What is the Navy's goal of AT/FP program?
deter, deny, and defeat terrorism
What phase of target selection deals with final target selection?
Phase III: Target Selection
What phase of target selection populates possible targets for the terrorists to hit?
Phase I: Target Options
What phase of target selection is susceptible to countermeasures and detection by use of Random anti-terrorism measures?
Phase IV: Detailed surveillance
What does SETL stand for?
security environment threat list
What are the terrorist threat levels?
1. Low 2. moderate 3. significant 4. high
What is the first lines of defense in AT/FP?
Intelligence and counterintelligence
what are the phases in consequence management planning?
Phase I: impacts and consequences Phase II: resources required Phase III: training and exercise
What Navy Doctrine is for Anti-terrorism/Force Protection?
NWP 3-07.2
The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculate fear is ____.
To reduce the vulnerability of individuals and property, to include limited response and containment by local military and civilian forces is ___.
OFFENSIVE measures taken to prevent, deter, and respond to terrorism is ____.
Counter-terrorism programs are addressed in where?
National Security Decision Directives, National Security Directives, contingency plans, and other classified documents.
A security program to protect SERVICE members, civilian employees, family members, facilities, and equipment is
Force Protection
____ involves projecting a VISIBLE ability to defeat a terrorist attack.
Combating terrorism is the responsibility of _____.
Every individual in the Navy
Long-range objectives of terrorism are ____.
Revolutionary, sub-revolutionary, establishment
Mechanisms used to label terrorist groups are ____.
State directed, state supported, non state supported
What is the basic operational unit of the terrorist group?
What are the three typical cells found in terrorist groups?
Operational cell, intelligence cell, auxiliary cell
T or F. Cells are kept separated during planning and rehearsals.
T or F. Multiple operations/targets usually are hit with individual teams knowledge?
T or F. Surveillance personnel will some time take part in attacks?
T or F. Terrorist attacks are targeted at the weak or undefended to ensure high chances of success and publicity?
What is the most common and readily assembled device?
Pipe bombs
Besides assassination, arson, bombing, hostage taking, what are other types of terrorist attack?
Hijacking or skyjacking, seizure, raids or attacks on facilities, sabotage, weapons of mass destruction, information warfare.
USS Cole and Kobar Towers are examples of ____ attack?
What are the six-step process encompassing target selection, training and preparation before an attack?
Target option, selection surveillance, target selection, detailed surveillance, training and preparation, the attack
Target selection is at phase ____?
Phase 2 is ____?
Selection surveillance
What is the first phase?
Target option
When there is a possible terrorist activity against personnel and installations, what FP condition should be applied?
FP condition Alpha
What are the actions of FP condition Alpha?
Secure buildings, increase security spot checks and limit access point.
When an increased and more PREDICTABLE threat of terrorist activity exists, FP Condition elevates to ___.
FP condition Bravo
At FP condition Bravo all vehicles and objects have to move at least ____ meters from buildings.
What criteria sets FP condition Charlie?
An incident occurs or intelligence is received indicating terrorist action is imminent
What are actions of FP condition Charlie?
Minimum limit access points, randomly search vehicles, centralized parking of vehicles
What is the highest alert of FP condition?
FP condition Delta
T or F. FP condition Delta applies after a terrorist attack has occurred in the immediate area?
T or F. FP condition Delta applies when intelligence has been received that terrorist action against a specific location is likely?
Search all vehicles, all suitcases, positive identify all personnel, close public and military roads and facilities are actions of ____?
FP condition Delta
What manual is for combating terrorism?
DoD O 2000.12-H DOD Anti-Terrorism Handbook
Intelligence products are feed from where to where?
National Intelligence Community, DOD Intelligence Centers, Navy Intelligence Assets, Regional Intelligence Centers
The assimilation of data that has been gathered, but not fully correlated, analyzed or interpreted, is ___?
Product resulting from the collection, exploitation, processing, integration, analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of available information, is ____?
Who provides intelligence products be used in the command's AT/FP plan?
Counter-terrorism/Counterintelligence centers
Who is responsible for detecting and counteracting foreign intelligence activities gathering information that adversely affects U.S. NATIONAL security interests?
Who produces assessments of the actual or potential terrorist threat targeted against U.S.MILITARY interest throughout the world?
Who has primary investigative and counterintelligence jurisdiction within the Department of of the Navy?
Who maintains a constant watch to analyze various information and intelligence for possible terrorist threats against NAVY and MARINE CORPS commands?
ATAC (Navy Anti-terrorist Alert Center)
What is Navy's principal vehicle for disseminating terrorism warnings to Navy and Marine Corps commands?
ATAC spot message
What is raw intelligence, normally based on fragmentary information about fast breaking events and may contain substantial inaccuracies or uncertainties that must be resolved through subsequent report and analysis?
Blue Dart
Unit self defense or individual self defense is the inherent right to use all necessary means available and take all appropriate actions to defend ONESELF and U.S. forces in one's vicinity?
Individual self defense
What are elements of self defense?
Necessity and proportionality
In order to warrant the use of deadly force, a potential threat must possess: ____.
The apparent means, the imminent ability, the apparent intent to commit a hostile act
Anti-terrorism Officer has responsibilities of: ___.
Creats and executes AT/FP programs, prepares AT/FP plans, manages AT/FP re-sources, conducts anti-terrorism training
Consequence management planning is a ____ process.
3-step: impacts and consequences, resources required, training and exercising
What are the levels of AT training?
Level I-individual, Level II-Unit FPO/ATTO, Level III-PCO/XO leadership, Level IV-Senior executive
Level I individual personnel protection awareness training includes ____.
Threat levels/FP conditions, IED, JS Guide 5260, IPM wallet card, local specific threat information
Level II unit anti-terrorism officer training includes ____.
Terrorism, terrorist operations, terrorist surveillance, individual protective measures, hostage survival.
Level III commander anti-terrorism training includes ____.
O-5 and O-6, unit, squadron, group commanders, pre-command training
Level IV executive level commander training includes ____.
O6-O8, National Defense University