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Sommer concluded in his classroom studies: (1/5)

Students and teachers who dislike their learning environment will....
try to avoid it or change it.
Sommer concluded in his classroom studies: (2/5)

In general the amount of student participation decreases as....
the number of students in the class increase.
Sommer concluded in his classroom studies: (3/5)

The student participation in larger classes is most likely going to be devoted to....
questions of clarification or requests to repeat an idea.
Sommer concluded in his classroom studies: (4/5)

Participation was frequent most among the instructor's...
eye gaze
Sommer concluded in his classroom studies: (5/5)
When you put students in the participation zone....
low participators remained low, but moderate participators increased
Perceptions of warmth:

If you put a student in a room that looks like a meat cooler with padded walls, will the recipients think of the room as hotter or warmer?
warmer, even if it is the same temperature
Mehhrabian believes that we react emotionally to our environments according to three terms. What are they?
how is pleasure defined?
refers to the feelings of joy, satisfaction and happiness
how is dominant defined?
refers to feelings of control importance and freedom
how is arousal defined?
refers to how active, stimulated, frenzied or alert we are
what is a nonscreener?
they are less selective in what they respond to in their environment. they see, hear smell and otherwise sense more stimuli
what is a screener?
are selective in what they respond to. they impose a hieracrhy of importance on carious compoenents of a compex situation
what the four major perceptions of time?
1. as the locations of events
2. as the duration of events
3. as the iterval between events
4. as the patterning of intervals
how can time be like location?
this refers to the time that an event occuurs
What are the three characterisitcs of environments that form the bases of perceptions?
(1) the natural environment
(2) presense of absense of people
(4) arcitectural and design elements
does the natural environment affect our behavoir?
Do the changing seasons have an impact on our behavior
Suicide rates and admissions to _________________ rise dramatically in the spring and peak in the ssummer.
admissions to public mental hospitals
College students tend to _________________ at the beginning and endings of semesters.
break up with their dating partners
During the summer, people tend to see __________ more.
their friends
From July to November, people tend to report _______ but more _________
less happiness
activity and less boerdo
One study found people using the _______ less in the summer than the winter
Riots tend to break out when the weather is stronger.

t or f
what types of people are in nonperson status?
children, janitors, cab frivers
The presense of others may increase our desire to ______________.
look good
example of when groups influence individual behavior:

If people feel others are working with them on a joint task, they often ________ without realizing it. this is called...
slack off

"social loafing
example of when groups influence individual behavior:

Boys would line on fishing reels ________ when others were performing the activity, even though no competion was going on.
what is a fized feature?
refers to space organized by unmoving boundaries (rooms of houses)
what is a semifixed feature?
refers to the arrangement of movable objects such as tables or chairs
People in prettier rooms during Maslow and Mintz study on ugly/beautiful rooms felt more...
College students who found no school merchandise tended to ______.
drop out in the first six months
An orange room found positive social reactions increased ______, whereas negative reactions decreased _____.

A team wearing the color black was found...
to be treated differently and even to have more penatlies than normal teams
List three examples of sound that affected the environment.
(1) couples listening over soothing music during a fight
(2) consumers buying german/french wine according to music being played unwillingly
(3)noise sensitive students reciving lower grades and wanting more privacy in first year of college
List two examples of the way light can affect.
(1) dim lighting hints to conversations with intimate partners
(2) Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when the light affects the way people feel over the course of a winter season
Desk placement can have an affect on student's understanding of the teacher.

true or false
what is one example of how design and architecture can affect people?
the design of a skyscraper with the most experienced workers at the top, and the least experienced on the bottom
People living next door to each other tend to befriend each other more.

true or fasle
The environment in which people communicate frequently .....
contributes to the overall outcome of their encounters.
We have seen that both the freqency and _______ of messages are influenced by various aspects of the seeting in which we communicate.
We can also _____ out environments in order to elicit certain types of repsonses.
As out knowledge of environment increases, we may deliberealy use them to help us obtain ____________.
desired responses
In many respects, we are ___________________, and if we want to change behvaior, we need to learn to control the environment in which we interact.
products of our environment
In this chapter we referred to a variety of different environments:

name four
fast food
Mehraibain commented that all environments could profitably be examined b looking at....
emotional reactions to them
What three demenisions can Mehrabian's environmental feelings be put on?
(1) arousing
(2) pleasant/unpleasant
(3) dominant/submissive
what are the six perpetual bases for examining environments?
(1) formal
(2) warm
(3) private
(4) failar
(5) constraiing
(6) distant
when do people percieve temporal aspects of their environment?
when things happen

how long they last

how much time exists between event

the pattern or rhythm of events
what are the three major chacteristics of every temporal event?
the natural environmnet

the presense or absense of people

architectural design and movable objects, including lighiting, sound, color, and general visual asethic appeal