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What does ESADDI stand for?
Estimated safe and adequate daily dietary intake
This mineral is essential for the formation of RBC's and connective tissue. It also functions as a catalyst in the formation of collagen.
Copper absorption occurs in the ______ & ______.
stomach & upper small intestine.
Coppor is stored in the ____.
The richest source of copper includes:
shellfish, oysters, crabs, liver, nuts, sesame and sunflower seeds, legumes, and cocoa.
True or False

Copper toxicosis is seldom encountered
This mineral can be taken orally as an emetic.
When large amounts of copper accumulate in the lier, kidney, brain, and cornea, this disease is the result.
Wilsons Disease
A brown ring around the cornea due to the accumulation of copper.
Kayser-Fleischer ring
If you are on an IV for food or taking too much zinc, this may cause a ____ deficiency.
Low WBC may be caused from this mineral deficiency.
This mineral mainly functions as an antioxidant.
Selenium is important for ____ metabolism and protects the liver from ______.
Iodine & cirrhosis
This vitamin decreases the need for selenium.
vitamin E
Cirrhosis of the liver is asociated with this mineral.
__________ (a form of cardiomyopathy) is a condition caused by the deficiency of selenium.
Keshan disease
This mineral is involved in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.
A deficiency of chromiam can cause ____ and is associated with ____.
insulin resistance & coronary artery disease
Chromium can be found in ?
Meats, whole grain cerals, thyme, and black pepper.
Chromium toxicity is caused by _____.
Industrial exposure
The highest concentration of manganese is found in ____ & ____.
bones and glands.
The function of this mineral is for optimal bone matrix developement.
The dust of this mineral can cause a syndrome similiar to parkinsonism called ___.
1. Manganese
2. Manganese Madness
This mineral functions as an enzyme cofactor and may be cariostatic.
Excessive intakes of molybdenum can result in ________ and ______.
reproductive abnormalities and kidnet damage in animals.
Consumption of large quantities of molybdenum may result in ______.
Copper deficiency.