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Name the prime function of proteins
needed for growth and repair of all tissues in the body
What is the protein needs on a per kg basis
8 grams of protein/kg per day
What is an example of 2 foods that make a complete protein
beans and rice (complementary proteins)
Name the legume that contains the most complete protein
Dried beans and peas
Positive nitrogen balance
nitrogen intake in food is more then what is being excreted
Negative Nitogen balance
nitrogen intake is less then what is being excreted
Nitrogen balance
the amount on nitrogen intaken is the same as being excreted
Rule about making a complete protein in the body
Are foods that contain all essential amino acids in correct amounts and proportions
The cause of Kwashiorkor
Malnutrition caused by protein deficiency
Discuss carbohydrate loading for athletes
attempt to increase energy
List concerns for planning a pre-event meal
stress causes slow digestion, fatty foods stay in stomach, fluids are important
What is a disadvantage of feeding athletes sugar before an event.
can cause insulin overeaction causing decreased performance
3 reasons why protein supplements would not benefit trained athletes
may lead to dehydration
inadequate carbohydrate intake
increased calcium excretion
Discuss water needs for athletes
dehydration limits capacity to work, it is hard to replace water
List a reason why athletes need more iron then in the RDA
physical performance is reduced in iron deficiency
Should salt tablets be routinely given to an athlete
No because they increase potassium loss
Discuss ergogenic supplements for athletes
not needed and may end up being harmful
What is creatine and its functions
Creatine is made in the body and is found in meate, fish and most animal products. Plays major role in energy metabolism
Creatine limits?
Yes if too much supplementation is taken then the body stops making it
Energy requirements for activity vs BMR
BMR is amount of energy required to maintain life at rest for internal work of body
3 factors affecting BMR
Body composition
State of Nutrition
Energy in relation to kilocalories
Energy is measured in calories
1000 calories = kilocalories
What is the number of pounds suggested as a good weekly weightloss
2 pounds per week
Define Obesity
Weighing more then 20% above average for age and height
morbid obesity
weighing twice as much as you should be
Differentiate between overweight and overfat
Overfat is obese while overweight is not obese
3 theories concerning the cause of overfatness
Calorie intake greater then output
inherited or family pattern
lack of exercise
3 treatments for obesity
diet changes
behavioral modification
health risks involved in using diet pills
increased blood pressure
damages blood vessels
heart abnormalities
What is the difference between natural and synthesized vitamin?
There is no difference
Why is the RDA for some B vitamins lower for women
because of pregnancy and pregnancy pills taken
What is the most important function of B vitamins
needed for coenzymes
What are the essential amino acids
histadine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanire, thernine, tryptophan, valine
Each B vitamin, an excellent food source
b1- cereal grain
b2- dairy products and meat
b6- chicken, liver
b12- meat
What is the reason the FDA limits amount of folacin in non-prescription vitamin pills
If person has B12 deficiency, folacin can damage central nervous system
What are phytochemicals
Naturally occuring active chemical substance found in plants. May be an antioxidant, and may prevent cancer
3 examples of phytochemicals and a food source of each
cyanin- berries
Malvidin- red grapes
Apigenin- celery
What are foods high in complex carbohydrates
bread, cereal, pasta, and vegetables
calories provided by carbs, fats, proteins
carbs: 4
protein: 4
Fats: 9
What are the 4 factors which determine your total energy needs
Basal Metabolism
Physical Activity
Maintenance of body temp
specefic dynamic action of food
For the average person what factor uses the most energy
Basal metabolism
Calculate protein needs on a kg basis for athletes
men - 56
women - 46
Problem with fad diets
high protein low carbs, when the diet is so low in carbo that the fat deposits are broken down faster than the body can use it for energy
inborn error of metabolism
how do vegetarians get protein?
dried beans, peas, cereal and bread
specefic dynamic action of food
ingestion of food increases the metabolic rate
part of coenzymes needed to provide energy from carbs and fats
where do you find vitain B-12
part of a coenzyme in all cells
nutritional status
For kids it is height and weight
What is the most unstable vitamin?
Vitamin C
What is the most complete protein?