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What are the label guidelines for fat?
-Avoid "hydronated"
-Avoid trans fat
-Low fat= 3 g or less
-%DV is 5% or less
What are high cholesterol foods?
-Eggs, shrimp, oysters, and liver
What are high saturated fat foods?
-Coconut Oils
-Palm Oils
-Fatty meats
-Fatty milk products
What is atherclerosis?
"Clogging of the arteries"
-It is caused by an excessive intake of high saturated fat foods and too much dietary cholesterol
What is the cholesterol content for: egee, shrimp, ribs, brains, and fried chick?
1 egg- 213 mg
2 shrimp- 172 mg
4 oz ribs- 137 mg
4 oz brain- 2308 mg
Fried chick- 238 mg
What is Dietary Cholesterol?
Guideline for intake AND Food sources
Guideline- 300 mg or less
Food sources: whole milk, animal fat, shellfish, eggs, and liver
What is transfat replaced with?
Cruel Oil
What is hydration of fat?
-Commercial processing which adds hydrogen atoms to the unsaturated fatty acid
-Result: an unsaturated fatty acid is made into a saturated one
-"transfat" arise then when polysaturated fats are hydronated and are twisted, but retain double food
Lenolenic acid: soybean, canola oils, wheat germ, walnuts, flaxseed, and cold water fish
Lenoleic acid: veg. oil, nuts, seeds, and grains
What are the functions of fats in food?
-It provides essential fatty acids (Lenoleic and Lenolenic)
-It is a long-term energy source
-It assists with the transport of fat soluble vitamins
-It enhances smell, taster, and texture
-What are the functions of fats in the body?
-It provides an unlimited energy source
-It provides padding, which protects internal organs
-It provides insulation against extreme temperatures
-It is a cell membrane component
What is the Mediterranean diet?
It emphasizes veggies, fruits, whole grain, and legumes
It decreases saturated fats
It increases olive oil, nuts, and fish
-It also increases excercise
What is the DRA for fat?
(Total Fat, Saturated, Polyunsaturated, and Cholesterol)
Total Fat- 30 % or less
Saturated- 10 % or less
Polyunsaturated- 10: +
Cholesterol- 300 mg or less
Sources for Polyunsaturated fat?
Veggie Oil
Sources of Monounsaturated fat?
Olives/oil, nuts/oil, avacado, and canola oil
Sources of Saturated fat?
Animal fat
Palm oil
Coconut oil
What are monounsaturated fatty acids?
The carbons are unsaturated with hydrogen. The atoms are in one place
What are polyunsaturated fatty acids?
Carbons are unsaturated with hydrogen. The atoms are in more than one place
What are saturated fatty acids?
The carbons are completely saturated w/hydrogen atoms
What are phospholipids?
They contain fat and phosphorous
What are sterols?
They are wax-like fats
They are in a honey-comb shape
An example is cholesterol
What is a triglyceride?
It is the most common type of fat
It contains glycerol
It is the backbone of 3 fatty acids
What is the energy value for fat?
What is the AMDR for fat?