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What is hyperlipidemia?
Elevated concentrations of any or all of the serum lipids, especially trglycerides and or cholesterol
Overall umbrella for all fats, oils (plants-unsaturated)
Called fats and is always an animal source-saturated
Trans fatty acids:
From hydrogenation. The most dangerous fat of all
What percentage of total calorie intake should be from fats?
30% daily. 10% saturated fats or less. General rule is to cut back on animal fats
Our bodies makes all of the cholesterol we need.
In food, where is the cholesterol located?
In the striations of the meat. Taking off the skin would make no difference
Name two essential fatty acids.
Omega 3 and omega 6
Omega 3:
Linolinic; salmon and tuna ( has cholesterol but not alot). Fish oils, but the supplements have not been proven to be effective.
Linolaec; if you cook with vegetable oil, you will have all that you need. 1 teaspoon
Name the only fatty acid that must be provided in the diet
Linoleic, Omega6
Omega 3/omega 6. They can contradict each other, explain.
*Decreases blood clotting mech. decreases heart disease risk.
*Increases blood clotting mech. increases heart disease risk.
Hunger- pysical
appetite- emotional, physiological
Fat have what effect on whether we get full or not?
High fat slows digestion, we feel full longer
Does fat increase the chances of cancer?`
Yes, this is why fiber deficiency increases the risk for cancer
Fat is used for?
Insulation, shock absorption, protection and energy
What can low body fat result in?
Loss of menstrual period, flaky skin
High fat intake causes what?
Obesity, gallstones, hypertension, auto-immune disease will worsen. Artherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis
Phospholipids do what?
Hold things together, emulsifying found in salad dressings and baked goods. Also in the cell membrane; hold enamel and dentin together
What is the main phospholipid?
Lecithin; aid in fat absorption, transport fats in the blood
Cholesterol 300 mg:
If you take intake something with cholesterol in it, the body will still use the saturated fat to make cholesterol
Cholesterol 200 mg or less:
The liver uses saturated fat to produce cholesterol
Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol
LDL; you can have a low LDL but you need a high HDL
Name one of the highest hydrogenated oils?
Crisco. Anything taken from a liquid fat to a solid fat had been hydrogenated
Name one of the healthiest cooking oils?
Canola oil. Coconut oil has saturated fat but no cholesterol. Olive oil brings out the flavor in foods
When selecting types of meat chicken can or cannot be better than red meat. explain.
Depends on the way of procesing, cut or produced.
Cuts of meat: FIRST
Gets leaner as you go down.
What is elestra?
A fat substitute
Are nuts healthy?
They contain high fat but have a lot if poly and unsaturated fats. Lowfat= chestnuts