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method of feeding if pt cant eat but GI IS functional
tube feeding
use of steth to indentify sound standard
Obese women
more likely to under report food intake
Type of preferred enteral feeding
% of unexplained wt. loss during 1mouth period that is a concern
Appropriate age to measure height of children while they are lying down
up to two
# of days that may result in complications for a client if bedfast
Function of a lab test that measures lymphocyte count
determine immune status
Foods found on a clear liquid diet
apple juice and broth
Test used to measure protein metabolism
Urine creatinine
Ways a therapeutic diet may be modified
nutrient energy and texture
A measurement used to determine a person's body frame
elbow breath
Foods found on a full liquid diet
pudding and refined cereal
Example associated with good nutritional status
firm muscle tone
Health care professional responsible for nutrition diagnoses
Purpose of a 24-hour urine test
access metabolism of protein
First step in the nutrition care process
nutrition assessment
Measurement to assess body height of a non-ambulatory patient
total arm length
nutrition screening
Important to complete to identify which patients should receive a full nutrition
diet match to clients food preferences
Important factor that help to make nutritional therapy successful
Tricep skin fold thickness
Anthropometric measure that estimates subcutaneous fat reserves
One method to determine a person's basic eating habits
Diet HX
Method of feeding needed if GI tract is NOTt working
Purpose of a urinary urea nitrogen laboratory test
measure nitrogen balance
Foods found on a soft diet
cooked carrots applsauce
type of malnutrition that may be caused by hospital routines
Instrument used to measure elbow breadth
factor that may make laboratory tests unreliable
Science of taking body measurements
Anthropometric indexes
Health professional responsible for preparing total parenteral nutrition solutions
Examination method of body using touch
Total parenteral nutrition
Type of parenteral feeding that is used for a long-term basis
May make standing height measurement inaccurate
Role that register nurse can assume in supporting clients' nutrition care
providing basic interpetation of diet
Height and weight
Measurements used to measure a person's Body Mass Index