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What are basic health recommendations meant to do?
prevent deficiency and reduce disease risk and they are for the general population
What are sports recommendations for?
optimize fitness and performance, likely for a sport
What are components of a diet recommended for Cardio health, weight management and Cancer risk reduction?
low fat, low sat fat, fruits veggies and whole grains, and modest sugar and salt
What are components of a diet recommended for Endurance?
Carbohydrates and fluid
What are components of a diet recommended for Strength?
protein and carbohydrates?
Where do nutrition recommendation statements concerning athletic performance come from?
american college of sports medicine / american dietetic association
Where do general nutrition recommendation statements come from?
DRI committee, IOM, american heart association, and the USDA
What are the performance nutrients?
Carbohydrates, protein, fat and micronutrients
What are the energy systems used during exercise?
ATP-Pc "turbo charge"/ Glycogen-Lactate "overdrive"/ Aerobic System "cruise mode"
How long is ATP available and what is its fuel?
1-10 seconds and its phospho-creatine
How long is Glycogen-Lactate available for and what is its fuel sourcE?
1-90 secs and its glycogen/CHO
How long is the Aerobic system available for and what is its fuel source?
hours and fatty acids/ glucose/ and protein
How are carbohydrates stored in the body?
as glycogen
What is glycogen a key fuel for and a secondary fuel for?
high intensity muscle contractions and secondary for aerobic exercise
What is bound to glycogen and what parts of the body is it stored in?
Water…muscles, liver and blood
Why are carbohydrate rich foods essential?
If you have a limited ability to store carbohydrates you must replenish glycogen after activity and carbohydrates provide important nutrients.
What are glycogen stores in the muscles of runners with high carb diets?
they are three times as high
What happens to endurance athletes when they don’t have enough carbs?
glycogen is depleted…more 02 is used to maintain speed…and fatigue
What happens to power athletes when they don’t have enough carbs?
power is reduced, muscle broken down for energy
What happens to glycogen in high temp and humidy?
it is broken down faster
What is the carb recommendation for high intensity events?
2.3-3.6 g carb/pound of body weight
What is the carb recommendation for Endurance athletes?
3.5-5 g carb/pound of body weight
How many grams of dietary fiber is recommended per 1000 Kcals?
Fruits vegetables and grains are rich in what?
antioxidants that help reduce disease risk
Proteins are what?
amino acids and a structural component of all body tissues
When you have adequate calories and carbs you can do what with protein?
"spare it"
Protein has critical roles in what?
role as enzymes and hormones that control body functions
Average adult protein recommendation?
.36g /lb
Average strength training protein recommendation?
.55-.64 g/lb
What kind of proteins should you choose?
lean low fat ones
Animal protein is what?
it is complete (has all essential aa's)
Plant protein is what?
is not always complete, higher in fiber and micronutrients
What does fat provide?
energy and beta-oxidation
What percentage of diet should fat represent?
Athletes and micronutrients?
athletes may need slightly higher amounts of micronutrients
What are some micronutrients?
Fat soluble vitamins (adek) / water soluble vitamins / minerals /
What are fat soluble vitamins important for?
important for some hormones, tissue integrity and as antioxidants
What is key for concerning nutrients and a diet?
What is the goal concerning meal timing?
optimize glycogen repletion and maximize protein synthesis
What is grazing?
3 meals + snacks
What are some recommendations concerning eating sports and meal timing?
meal 3-5 hours before event, small snak 45-60 min before, large snak within 60 min after, and eat evry 2-3 hours after
How many cups of water are needed to repace each lb of body weight lost?
Pre and post exercise intake does what?
supports muscle anabolism and supplies AA for rebuilding msucle tissue and supports liver and muslce glycogen synthesis repletion
What are recommendations for nutrition during exercise?
It is only needed for events 80-90 min/ if it is too carb concentrated it can cause cramps 5-8%, this will help to maintain blood sugar and glycogen stores during the event
What type of dehydration does it take to reduce performance?
only 2-3%
What does dehydration do?
it impairs body temp / HR increases and stroke volume decreases / causes fatigue
Electrolyte loss does what?
reduces performance, increases risk for heart injury
How much fluid do you want 60 min prior to an event?
16 oz
How many ounces of water do you want to drink after losing a pound of body weight?
What do cool beverages do? What do Sweet ones cause?
cool move through body faster and sweet ones may encourage more drinking
What is the SNAPP and what is its goal?
provide nutrition training to evarybodey