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The basic building block of proteins
amino acids
What element does protein contain that carbohydrates and fasts do not?
Is cholesterol synthesis associated with protein?
Is protein intake important for muscle and liver development, body fluid balance and immune system functions?
Name one natural food that provides all of the essential amino acids.
Animal proteins (meat and milk) and soy
The amino group from amino acid deamination is converted to __________ and excreted in___________.
ammonia to urea

Adults generall need not worry about balancing portein intake, excpet for individuals diagnosed with?
High quality (complete) protein food contain all _____________________ in the proportion needed by the body
9 essential amino acids
Do soybeans contain a complete protein?
yes, they are an exception, because plant proteins don't usually match all of our needs.
Sickle-cell disease, a genetic disorder, is caused by a defect in the formation of a polypeptide chain which is needed to form__________, an important blood protein.
Cooking an egg destroys its physiolocial property by?
The first step in determining the cause of edema in the lower extremities is measuring the concentration of ______________.
blood proteins
A protein influencing glucose concentration in the blood is called?
Some hormones, antibodies and enzymes require __________ in their synthesis.
amino acids
When does gluconeogenesis occur>
diet deficient in carbs