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What vitamins are energy-yielding?
CHO, proteins, lipids
What Vitamins are non-energy yielding?
water, vitamins, minerals
What vitamins are fat soluble?
What vitamins are water soluble?
B, C
Characteristics of fat soluble vitamins.
stored, deficiencies are slow to develop, precursors, fecal excretion and may be toxic
Characteristics of water soluble vitamins.
Not stored, deficiencies are quick to develop, no precursor, urine excretion, and are non toxic.
What is Vitamin C's major function?
Collagen and bone formation
What is the deficiency developed from lack of Vitamin C? Symptoms?
Scurvy; dry skin, easily bruised , joint pain, bones soften, teeth loosen, and mucscle pain.
What are sources of Vitamin C?
Red, Orange, yellow and deep green fruits and vegetables.
What is the major function of Thiamin?
energy metabolism, supports nervous system functioning, and supports appetite.
What is the deficiency fro lack of Thiamin? Symptoms?
Beriberi; muscle wasting, mental confusion, edema, paalysis.
Sources of Thiamin include..
pork, legumes, nuts, whole enriched grains.
What is the major function of Riboflavin?
maintaing normal vision and healthy skin.
What is the deficiency developed from lack of Riboflavin? Symptoms?
ariboflavinosis; photophobia, burning and itching of the eyes, and dry cracked corners of the mouth.
Sources of Riboflavin?
green leafy vegetables, milk and enriched whole grain.