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the building blocks of proteins
amino acids
a positive nitrogen balance
the amount of energy used by the body at rest to maintain vital function
basal metabolic rate
the standard used to define obesity
bmi===body mass index
is an eating disorder characterized by self imposed starvation
anerexia nervousa
is an eating disorder characterized by periods of binging followed by purging or laxatives
bulimia nervousa
the breakdown or destructive phase of metabolism
is a lipid belonging to a class of chemical substances called sterols performs specific funtions in the body
is a generic term for nondigestable chemicals substances found in plants
dietary fiber
may occur after surgery in which a portion or all of the stomach is removed (patial or total gastrectomy
dumping syndrome
are those that our body cannot make in amounts necessary for good health there are 6
esential nutrients (carbs, fat, protein, water, vitamins, minerals)
administration of nutrients in the gi tract
enteral nutrition
is the bodys storage form of carbs
a process in which hydrogen is added to vegetable oil to make it more solid and stable to rancidity
is a measurement of energy
are a group of organic substances that are insoluble in water that are necessary in the body for good health ex-fats and cholesterol are these
are molecules made of lipids surrounded by proteins
is the use of specific nutrition services to treat an illness, injury, or condition. It involves modifying diets in such a way as to meet the requirements created by disease or injury
medical nutrition therapy
can be defined as the amount of nitrogen that is consumed compared with the amount of nitrogen that is excreted
nitrogen balance
food that contain large amounts of nutients relative to the kilocalories
nutrient dense food
is defined as an excess amount of adipose tissure or body fat
hyperalimentation, or ______ is the term that is used to describe intravenous feedings
parenteral nutrition
a progressive macrocytic megaloblastic anemia,,,affecting mostly older people
pernicious anemia
______ is food fiber and other substances that remain in the colon after digestion is completed
a feeling of fullness and satisfaction from food
a diet used as a medical treatment
therapeutic diet
refers to the administration of a hypertonic solution into a large central vein
total parenteral nutrition
is the administration of nutritionally balanced liquified foods or formula through a tube inserted into the stomach duodenum or jejunum by way of a naso tube or feeding ostomy
tube feeding
strict vegetarian diet completly excludes all animal products
role of the nurse in promoting nutrition
encourage compliance
serve meals in a positive manner
observe and report signs of poor nutrition
assist with eating/feeding
the main function of carbs
to provide energy
the food pyramid has ___groups
the 6 essential nutrients
water, carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals,
how many cals for fat
simple carb example
monosaccharides, disaccharides, fructose, sucrose, and lactose
what is the bodys storage form of carbs?
what is the benefit of fiber
to aid in digestion, less constipation
bodys storage form of fat
adipose tissue
secretion of the liver necessary to emulsify fat
the bad cholesterol
vitamin for vision not enough ya get night blindness
vitamin A
assists with blood clotting
vitamin K
aka the sunshine vitamin can get in milk
vitamin D
which vitamin helps prevent osteoporosis
sources of potassium
baked potatoes, cantelope