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the vegetable group
provides vitamins abcde,k
low in fat
provides carbs, minerals, and viramins
includes corn, beets, lettuce
should have 3-5 servings per day
carbohydrates group
6-11 servings daily
bread, cereal, rice, pasta
fruit group
has natural sugars, but little or no fat
2-4 servings per day
includes tomatoes
meats and meat substitutes
peanuts, eggs, beans, prok, fish
2-3 servings daily
provides proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins b,d,e
you should eat fats, oils, & sweets __________.
fats, oils,sweets group
provides body with fats and carbohydrates
should be eaten sparingly
a good source of calcium
found in salt and fish
good for thyroid activity
controls the rate of energy use
nutrient important for bone, tooth, and cell activities
b vitamins
water soluble
includes thiamine, niacin, riboflavin
important for red blood cell production, wound healing
in meat, eggs, cereal, leafy green vegetables
a vitamin
fat soluble
good for growth, eyesight, and healthy skin
found in yellow fruits, liver, green and yellow vegetables
vitamin d
important for the absorption of calcium and phospherous by bones and teeth
found in milk, eggs, fish
vitamin E
stabilizes cell membranes, protects red blood cells
found in vegetable oils, eggs, cereal grains
dairy group
2-3 servings daily
includes cheese, milk, yogurt
bananas and strawberries are high in ________.
this contributes to "regularity"
bran muffins are high in this
the following are considered _______
turkey, chicken, game birds
this is a b vitamin
in cereal
starts with a t
a b vitamin
found in pasta
starst with an n
found in dairy products
it does a body good
for strong teeth and bones
flesh of an animal
measure of energy producing value of food
small intestine
absorbs digested food into the blood stream
a b vitamin
starts with an r
food tube that connects the mouth to the stomach
vitamin k
important for blood clotting and wound healing
found in green leafy vegetables, eggs, yolks, and tomatoes
essential for blood clotting
large intestine
concentrates wastes during the digestive process
non-food liquid necessary for good health
vitamin c
water soluble
found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, and green leafy vegetables
also called citric acid
helps develop strong bones teeth, and healthy gums