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Functions of the kidney include
Functions of the kidney include Excrete wastes, maintain volume and composition of body fluids and secrete certain hormones.
The unit of the kidney that contains glomerulus
Approximately how many liters of urine is excreted per day
Oliguria occurs when urinary out put is less than
What organ makes the final conversion of Vitamin D
T/F: Do kidney stimulate bone marrow to produce red blood cells
Signs and Symptoms of uremia include
nausea, headache, convulsions, and coma
Nephrosclerosis is caused by
arteriosclerosis and hypertension
Hereditary disease causing cysts on kidney
Polycystic Disese
At what age can renal failure develop with polycystic disease
The age of 50
Mechanical filtration of the blood
Client with CRF will have what diet restrictions
protein, sodium and possibly potassium and phosphorus
Renal clients should receive how many kcals per kg of body weight
25 to 50 kcal per kg or weight *** unless overweight
Diet for predialysis clients may reduce protein intake to
Specific amount of protein is calculated according to
glomerular filtration and wieght