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Secreted by muscle (heart and Skeletal) and adipose cells
Hydrolyzes TG from chylos and VLDL to FA and glycerol
activated by apoC2
lipoprotein lipase (LPL)
enzymes that hydrolyzes unsaturated FA from lipoprotein phospholipid and acylates cholesterol from CE in HDL
Lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase
Protein that exchanges TG and CE between HDL, VDL and IDL
Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein
synthesized in intestinal mucosal cells

transfers dietary TG and fat soluble vitamins through lymph to thoractic duct to blood
Chylo after much TG has been removed by LPL

Bimds to receptors (LDLR and LRP) present on liver cells
chylomicron remnant
synthesized in liver

transports TG to muscle and adipose

TG hydrolyzed by LPL
remnants of VLDL with much TG removed and with CE added (from HDL)
TG depleted VLDL
carries cholesterol ester
binds to LDL-R via apoB100
2/3 removed by liver
Half life 2-3 days; most C in blood is LDL
Oxidized LDL removed via scavenger pathway in macrophages
Scavenges free cholesterol from membranes
cholesterol is esterfied (with FA from PC) by LCAT
CEPT exchanges TG and CE between HDL, VLDL and IDL
Carrier for extra A, C and E apoproteins in blood