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__ & __ are gradual processes that begin before childbirth and progress to feelings of __ and deep __ lasting throughout life.
Bonding & attachment - love - devotion
Nurses foster bonding and attachment by providing early, __ contact between the parents and infant and modeling __ behaviors. Contact is particularly important when the infant is __ and __, and able to interact with the parents.
unlimited - attachment - awake - alert
Maternal __ changes over time as many mothers progress from exploratory “__” to __and finally demonstrating a full range of __ behaviors.
touch - fingertipping - enfolding - comforting
__ behaviors are important indicators of maternal attachment. Nurses often model the way to __ to the infant and point out the infant’s response to the __ stimulation.
verbal - speak - verbal
Maternal adjustment to parenthood is a gradual process involving restorative phases of __ __, __ __, & __ __.
taking-in - taking-hold - letting-go
__ play a valuable role in the process by first “mothering the __” and then fostering __ as the mother becomes ready.
Nurses - mother - independence
Mothers (and fathers) usually progress through four stages of role attainment—__, __, __, & __— before they attain a sense of __ & __ their parenting behaviors to mesh with the infant’s unique needs.
anticipatory - formal - informal - personal - comfort & structure
The mother develops a “new __” as she goes through phases of appreciating her __, settling-in with the __ __, and becoming part of a new __.
normal - body - new baby - family
Many women experience __ conflict when they must leave the infant with a caregiver and return to __. Nurses can offer __ guidance that makes the conflict less difficult.
role - work - anticipatory
__ __, a temporary, self-limiting period of tearfulness, often is ignored by the health care team. It should not last longer than __ weeks.
Postpartum blues - 2 weeks
The birth of a baby requires __ of family structure and renegotiation of family__. Nurses can assist the father in co-parenting the infant and help the new parents identify family __.
reorganization - responsibilities - resources
Siblings may be __ and __ they will be replaced by the newborn in the affection of the parents. Nurses can lessen the negative feelings by providing information about ways to reduce sibling __.
jealous & fearful - rivalry
Attention to cultural concerns of women after birth is important in helping them meet __, __, and __ needs.
cultural - physical - psychosocial
Nurses recognize that families leave the birth facility with __ needs, and nursing care in the facility overlaps with follow-up care provided in the home.