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'lol'; lower heart rate and b/p
*Contraindicated in CHF except Coreg
*Slow the heart
Beta Blockers
'ipine'; Vasodilator, lowers b/p
Do NOT affect heart rate
Calcium Channel Blockers
'Zosin'; Lowers b/p, does not affect heart rate
Lowers preload and afterload
Relieve sx of BPH
Alpha Blockers
'pril'; Lowers b/p, not heart rate, Vasodilates by blocking formation of angiotensin 2
Dec. preload and afterload
ACE Inhibitors
Nitroglycerin & Isosorbide
Watch serum K and Mg with this drug
What does Digoxin do to the heart??
Inc. strength of cardiac muscle, and slows the rate of conduction of electrical impulses through the heart.
When should Dig. levels be drawn?
At least 6 hours after 1st dose
Furosemide, Bumetanide, Torsemide=
Loop Dieuretics
Watch serum K
They lower b/p by vasodilation and loss of fluid
What is Protamine sulfate an antidote for?
PTT Time? What does it monitor?
25-38 seconds
It monitors heparin
and how long it takes for the blood to clot
PT checked at least monthly for what? What is the normal Pt Time?
Pt Time 11-15 sec
What is the antidote for Coumadin?
Vitamin K
This will elevate blood sugar, Watch for low serum K, Give with food, and must be tapered off

Prednisone, Decadron...
2 Types of Long acting Insulin....
Novolin U(ultralente) Lasts 20-36 h

Lantus(Insulin glargin) Lasts 20-24 h
How long does Novolog(aspart) insulin last in the body? What is its onset time?
Rapid, short,intermediate,fast..
Lasts 3-5 hours
Onsets in 10-20 min
Rapid acting
Humalog(lispro) is ________ acting and needed at this time.
Rapid and needed at the same time as the meal!
Generally taken twice a day before mealtime
PreMixed Insulin
Novolin 70/30
Humulin 70/30
Novolog Mix 70/30
Humulin 50/50
Humalog Mix 75/25