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What are the indacations for when to use Standard Precautions?
Recommended for the care of all CLs, regardless of their diagnosis or presumed infection status.
What is the purpose of Standard Precautions?
Designed to provide a barrier precaution for all health-care providers-prevent the spread of infectious disease.
On what Applications should Standard Precautions be used?
Applies to blood, other bodily fluids, secretions, excretions, nonintact skin, and mucous membranes.
What is the single most important means of preventing the spread of disease?
Hand Washing
What should be performed before and after every Cl contact, and after contact with blood, bodily fluids, or contaminated equipment.
Hand washing.
List seven types of Standard Precautions.
Hand washing, Gloves, Mask and eye protection, Gown, Dospoal of sharps, Containment, Decontamination.
What should be worn anytime contact with bodily fluids is possible?
Mask and eye protection
should be worn whenever there exeist the potential for getting splashed by bodily fluids.
This should be worn whenever exposed skin or clothing is likely to become soiled during Cl contact.
A gown
What is meant by the standard precaution "Disoposal of sharps"?
All sharp instruments and needles are disposed of in a properly labeled, puncture-resistant container.
TRUE or FALSE. A nurse should always recap a needle before disposing of it in the proper sharps container.
False- NEVER recap any needles at any time.
What is meant by "containment" when talking about Standard precautions?
Soiled linen should be placed in a leak-proof bag. Grossly contaminated refuse is placed in a red biohazard bag and placed in the appropriate receptacle.
The type of Standard precaution involving the proper disinfection of equipment per facility guidelines, and the proper disposal of single-use equipment after use.
What kind of precautions should be used with a Cl known or suspected to have serious illnesses trasmitted by airborne droplet nuclei.
Both Standard and airborne precautions