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Adult head of the house with dependent children?
Single-parent family
Adults who live alone in apartments or housese with no children?
Single adult household
Separation or divorce of the adult partners occurs, but both parents continue to assume a high level of childrearing responsibilities?
Binuclear family
Married coupel that lives together without children?
Nuclear dyad?
Blended family?
Reconstituted family
Brothers and sisters?
Unmarried individuals in a committed partnership living together, with or without children?
One professional adult member of a family is transferred to another city, and partners must commute a long distance to be together?
Commuter family
Intimate partners of the same sex living together or owning property together?
Gay or lesbian family
Nuclear familites in which both parents work outside the home.
dual-career/dual-worker family
Children living in temporary arrangements with paid caregivers.
Foster family
Families that are able to develop socially acceptable means of dealing with stress.
functional family
two or more people who are joined together by bonds of sharing and emotional closeness.
several people live together striving to be sef=suficient and minimize contact with the outside society.
communal family
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
families in which coping systems disintegrates as stressors build
dysfunctional famly
two-generation unit consisting of a husband, wife, and their immediate children (biologic, adopted, or both) living within one household
nuclear family
nuclear family and other related people who may live together or in proximity to one another
extended family
A ___ refers to the period when single young adults are financiallly independent from their family or origin and live outside the family home.
transitional stage
During the ___ socialization of children is a major task.
childrearing phase
____ are responsible for providing children with food, shelter and safety.
___ often plays a large role in shapint the experiences of siblings.
Birth order
Dual-career families are those ___.
in which both parents work outside the home.
Universal characteristics of a family include being a ___.
small social system and having its own cultural values.
___ includes assigning workloads, including respondibility for house hold income and house hold management.
Division of labor
Adjustment to retirement may be difficult if careful ___ were not developed in earler years.
financial planning is not done or if hobbies and activities
A patient's family includes __
any person that he or she indentifies as a family member.
The contacting famly phase includes ___
child launching, post-parenting & aging.
A major issue for dual-career families is ___.
child-care arrangements.
Developmental tasks of a contracting family include:
assisting aging parents.