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S.O.A.P charting
subjective, objective, assessment, Plan
adding I, E, R to SOAP is
Intervention, Evaluation and Revision
PIE charting
Problem, Interventions, Evaluations
Pie charting is used only for
Problem oriented charting
what is the biggest problem with CBE?
innadvertant ommisions
What are the plus and minuses of FOCUS
Is a holistic apporach to client care
Lack of a common problem list leads to inconsistency
D.A.R.E charting is ? and is used as part of ?
Stands for Data, Action, response, Evaluation
Used as part of Focus charting
a Problem Oriented Record consists of ?
Database, Problem list, plan of Care, Progress Notes
What is the Name of the organization that sets the standards for charting?
American Nurses Association
PIE chartings biggest complaint is that it?
focus on the problem not the patient as a whole