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What is the primary purpose of Nursing Interventions classification Taxonomy (NIC)
To develop a standardized language for nursing treatments to be used to practice, research and education.
What nursing activity represents specialized body of knowledge?
A nurse formulating diagnosis for each client.
What is collective barganing?
A negotiation of an agreement between employer and group of employees with respect to wages and other conditions of employment.
Deaconesses duties
Assisted with church services; baptism of women and visiting members of church for were sick in homes
Which of the following agencies consists of both nursing and non-nursing individuals and agencies whose objective is to foster the development and improvement of all services and education for nurses.
(NLN) National League for nursing
What is the purpose of American Nurses association- Code of ethics for nurses?
To provide a method of self-regulation.
Quality Assurance
Focuses on clinical aspects of providers care and is frequently used in response to indentifed problem.
Defined as the capacity for a person to make rationally reflective choices about personal goals, behaviors and activiites. (Goverance of self).
Is principle that refers to person's obligation to promote the welfare of other people by doing good, not harm. Foundations of good samaritian laws.
Principle that stands for obligation to be honest, to tell the truth, and not to misrepresent and decieve others.(This principle is often applied in courts of law, when attorneys address the character of a witness.)