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Medicare part A covers what?
inpatient hospital stay, skilled nursing facility, hospice,
Mecicare part B covers what?
other stuff not covered by part A
Medicaid is sponsored by what part of teh government?
System of reimbershment used in the long care setting:
resource utilization groups(RUGs)
Examples of tertiary care:
long-term care, hospice, rehab.
Examples of secondary care:
ERs, acute care...things with Dx and Tx
Community hospitals a, hospice, and VNA's are examples of what type of health care??
non-profit organizations
Sisters of mercy nursed victems of which disease epidemic in 1832?
Louise de Gras was the first superintendent of what group?
sisters of charity
The Benedictine Order used what to treat the sick?
Florence Nightingale served in what war?
crimean war
Florence Nightengel emphasized what to improve health?
conrtol over the health care environment, i,e. sanitation, hygiene
What hospital order was involved in teh American Civil War?
St. Johns
The Bolton act created the:
US cadet nurse corp
The Mills school of nursing only prepared what type of nurses?
male nurses
Clara Barton organized which orginization:
american red cross
Who was the first ANA president?
Isabel Hampton Robb
Milldred Montag created the 1st type of what program?
Loretta Ford founded which nursing position?
Mary Mahoney, who was she?
first black nurse
What was the clinic that Margaret Sanger opened?
birth control center
What was the Gold Mark report?
a study on the education of nurses as many hospitals were using students as cheap labor during the depression
One outcome of the Gold Mark Report?
state legislation should be enacted concerning licensure
What were the finding of the Brown Report?
NSG education should take place in colleges, and men and minorities should be recruited
ANA only accepts what type of nurses for membership?
Which theorist stated that nursing does not only follow medicine but also helps the person to be comfortable?
The theorist that is associated with cultural care and diversity, universitility is:
Florence Nightengales theory was the:
environment theory
Who wrote the self-care deficit theory?
Who wrote the outcome based theory?
Peplau's theory was the:
interaction absed theory
Who wrote the human caring theory?
The standards that the ANA establish are the _____ standards, as opposed to teh NLN which establishes teh _____ standards.
Education - NLN
Statutory Law:
laws created by a legislative body or gov't agency
Common Law:
laws derived from common usage, customs and decisions
Civil law involves people sueing over what?
Criminal law involves people when:
charges are brought against someone by the gov't
legal wrongs commited aginast a person or property
Restraining a pt. is what type of intentional tort:
false imprisonment
a situation that makes a person fearful and produces physical harm
unconsented touching
misinterpretation that could or ahs caused harm
2 examples of Quasi-intentional torts?
invasion of privacy, defamation of character
2 examples of unintentional torts?
neglagence, malrpactice
4 circumstances of malpractice:
-Harm was done
-Someone had a duty to the person harmed
-The person must have failed that duty
-The harm must have be casued by the breach of duty
What is respondeat superior?
hold the employer responsable for the actions of employees
The living will specifies:
pt. desires
Durable POA:
allows for decisions to be made by an appointed person if the pt. is unable to make decisions
Health care proxy:
allows a pt. to make decisions based on the patients desiress for HC
What type of consent occurs when there is written consent?
express consent
What is implied consent?
the MD makes the decision in an emergancy if the pt. is unable to
an act punishable by death or more than one year in prison
Sunset laws:
periodic examination of licensing agencies the determine whether particular boards should be maintained
Good Samaritan Acts protects the nurse is:
she acts as any prudent nurse would
What is the process of a lawsuit:
statutaury limits, discovery, complaint, answer, expert winess
The theory taht believes that everything happens for a reason:
telelogical theory
The theory that an act is good or bad based ont eh act itself is:
deontalogical theory
Define utility:
the needs of many outweigh the individual
Define veracity:
honestly related to the need for truth telling
Define fidelity:
duty to remain loyal
What is the purpose of developing the nursing interventions classification?
to establish standards for nursing interventions
What is something that requires specialized care in nursing?
nursing DX
What type of leadership gives some autonomy and asks for inout in decision making?
What type of leader ship offers the most respect for professions while give autonomy?
What was the outcome of the PEW commision concerning the role of the ADN?
ADN should differ from that of the BSN
The use of collective bargaining is used to ensure:
welfare and economic status of nurses
Functional nursing requires what to be succesful?
all personel act within thier scope of practice
Why did Mildred Montag develop the ADN program?
to solve the acute probelm of shortage of nurses
The Brown Report was used to analyze the:
changing roles in nursing
What services were provided by Deaconess?
healthcare for children
What is the PEWcommision report irrelavent today?
the shortage of nurses is too great for specialties to be fully equiped with nurses
Who founded the first VNA:
Lillian Wald
Who founed the Henry Street settlement?
Lillian Wald
If someone requires special gloves to work with, teh employer must supply them due to which act?
Americans with diabilities act
Values classification occurs when:
people examine thier own values