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What are the layers of the skin (out to in)
How can (3) a nurse receive parenteral meds?
Ampuole - single dose, discard left over
Pre filled syringe - usually overfilled
Vials - multiuse
What are the two most common SubQ injections?
Heparin and insulin
Why do you aspirate?
To ensure that you have not hit blood vessel.
What is the difference in absorption of SubQ and IM?
Sub Q = 70%
IM = 50%
Sub Q much slower than IM
Do you need to aspirate SubQ injections?
Controversial - not richly supplied with blood vessels
What are some reasons heparin may be given?
DVT, aFib, post op, MI/Stroke
What is the rule with giving insulin?
Cloudy - air
Clear - air
Clear - draw out
Cloudy - draw out
Why is the order of drawing insulin important?
Don't want to contaminate fast acting insulin with long acting (maybe...)
What amount of medication, and what type, may be given SubQ
0.5-1mL of water soluble meds
what type of solubility
How do ensure IM given properly (2 ways)
Right length of needle -
1-1.5 inches (versus 5/8th for Sub Q)
What is the max amount given IM
4mL, but may even want to split 3 mls
What is the order of preferred sites for IM
1) Ventral gluteal
2) vastus lateralis
3) deltoid
4) Gluteus maximus
What is the site of choice of IM in children
Vastus lateralis
Why is the Z track method a better injection technique (3 reasons)?
Reduces leakage - seals meds under skin
Decreases skin lesions
Less painful
If giving a coloured med