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The enzyme LPL stands for what?
lipoprotein lipase
LPL does what?
promotes fat storage
High levels of LPL mean
fat is stored very efficiently
Diuretics cause
loss of water not fat
Amphetamines cause
loss of appetite but are highly addictive
Good treatment options for obesity are
healthy eating, physical activity, behavior and attitude
When KCAL intake is sufficient
the body uses proteins for storage
Who is at risk for protein calorie malnutrition?
the severely ill or hospitalized patients
Malnutrition in elderly leads to
increased complications from infections and slower recovery from stress
Malnutrition results from
inadequate nutrition intake, increased nutrient losses, increased nutrient requirements
Rickets is
vit D deficiency disese characterized by inadequate bone mineralization.
Manifestations of disese Rickets are
bowing of legs, retarded growth, enlargement of ends of long bones(wrist and knees), deformities of ribs(outward bowed chest), delayed closing of fontanels.
Vit A deficiency
worlds leading nutritional problem, and causes night blindness
Vit C deficiency signs are
bleeding of gums,pinpoint hemhorrages, atherosclerotic plaques in arteries
Scurvy is caused by
Vit C deficiency
Scurvy can be reversed by
100mg daily of Vit C...ascorbic acid
Pernicious Anemia is caused by
Vit B12 deficiency, poor absorption not intake
Pernicious Anemia(B12) is characterized by
deficient RBC's, muscle weakness, and neurological disturbances.
Pellagra is caused by
defiency of Niacin
Pellagra(Nicain Deficiency) symptoms are
diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia, glossitis, and eventually death
Folic Acid deficiency in women of child bering age can lead to
development of neural tube defects