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Who was the founder of modern nursing?
Florence Nightingale
Who founded the American Red Cross?
Clara Barton
Who was Dorothea Dix?
She played a major role in founding 32 mental hospitals
Who was Lillian Wald?
Founder of Henry Street-public health care center
Who was Mary Mahoney?
1st registered black nurse
What are some societal influences that have impacted health care?
Demographic changes, women's health issues, religion, war, economics, science, legislation, nursing associations
What are the characteristics of a profession?
requires extended education, has a theoretical body of knowledge, provides a specific service, has a code of ethics for practice
What are some types of educational nursing programs?
Lvn-1, Rn Diploma-3, ADN-2, BSN 4-5, Graduate programs 1.5-2, Doctoral Programs
What are some professional nursing roles?
Caregiver, advocate, educator, communicator, manager, teacher, counselor, leader, case manager, research consumer
What are some expanded career roles for nursing?
advance practice nurse(masters), nurse clinical specialist, certified registered nurse anethetist
What are the 4 major areas within the scope of nursing practice?
1. promoting health and wellness 2. preventing illness 3. restoring health 4. care of the dying
When did the Federal Government become involved with public assistance?
What are DRGS?
diagnosis related grouping-medicare
What are the different levels of care in the health care system?
1. preventive care(education,prevention),2. primary care 3. secondary care 4. tertiary care 5. restorative care 6. continuing care
What are the 2 parts of primary care?
Education and prevention
What are the components of primary care?
early detection and routine care
What are the components of secondary care (acute care)?
Emergency treatment, critical care (intense and elaborate diagnosis and treatment)
What are the components of tertiary care (special care)?
special care (highly technical service for clients in a large geographical area)
What are the components of restorative care?
rehabilitation, home care, intermediate follow up care, post-op, routine medical care
What are the components of continuing care?
long-term care, chronic care, personal care, hospice
What is an MCO?
provides care and treatment to a specific group of voluntarily enrolled person, all care-primary care physician
What is Medicare MCO?
MCO for senior citizens,
What is a PPO?
preferred provider organization, limits an enrollees' choice to a list of preferred hospitals, physicians, providers contract exists between a set of providers
What are the different levels of the critical thinking process?
Basic critical thinking-learner trusts experts, complex-more independent thinking, and commitment-makes decisions without assistance
What are the levels of Maslov's Hieracrchy of needs?
1. physiological needs, safety and security, love and belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization
What did the Social Security Act of 1935 do?
facilitated public assistance to blind people, older adults and kids-increased demands for healthcare-1st Federal Gov.
What did the Hill-Burton Act of 1945 do?
provided money for hospital construction, expansion and improvement-increased costs and delivery of healthcare
What did the Social Security Amendments Act of 1965 do?
established national and state health insurance programs-medicare and medicaid-increased demand for services
What did the Social Security Amendments Act of 1972 do?
coverage broadened to include workers with permanent disabilities
What did the Social Security Amendments Act of 1977 do?
HCFA-Health Care Financing Administration administered medicare and medicaid-tried to contain costs
What did the National Health Planning and Resources Development Act of 1974 do?
introduced a comprehensive system of healthcare planning to improve accessibility
What did the rural Health Clinics Act of 1978 do?
allowed nurse practicioners to deliver primary health care-increased demand for apns
What did the Social Security Amendments Act of 1983 do?
established a prospective pricing plan for drgs-health care institutions no longer had unlimited resources
What did the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 do?
allowed establishment of HMOs, concept of managed care began