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What is somatic pain?
Pain which arises from musculoskeletal sources
What is nociception?
Process by which tissue damage is communicated to the Central Nervous System
Distraction, hypnosis and relaxation alter this step in the pain process
What is pain perception?
Medication used to reverse narcotic toxicity
What is a narcan
Medication used to dry secretions during final phases of death
What is scopalamine?
The most common side effect of all narcotics
What is constipation
Common NSAID given IM following orthopedic surgeries. Also available PO
What is Toradol or ketoralac?
Medication delivered directly into the subarachnoid space
What is intrathecal?
(volume x gtt factor) / time
Written statements regarding a persons wishes regarding medical care
What are advanced directives?
Medication used to ease respiratory distress during final stages of death
What is Morphine?
Long term care facility which provides 24 hour care with nursing supervision. Patients must have a skilled need
What is a skilled nursing facility?
Long term care facility which provides convalescent care along with medical, social and rehabilitation services
What is an intermediate care facility?
Health care delivery where charges
are negotiated in advance of the delivery of care. Reimbursement rates are predetermined for hospitalization and medical services
What is managed care or the prospective payment system
Normal values are 3.5-5.0
What is a K+ level?
Normal hourly urine output
What is 30 mL?
5 Rights of Medication Safety
What is:
Right Patient
Right Medication
Right Dose
Right Time
Right Route
One grain is how many mg?
What is 60 mg?
Who governs hospitalizations?
insurance companies
What is the purpose of community based care facilities?
health promotion
What is a nurse's role in outpatient care?
pt education
What are the defining principles for home care?
have to be bound to the home, must have a dr order, have a medical need
Intermediate care
they don't have an acute problem but they really need someone to watch them
Transitional care
care between hospital and home, people on ventilators, when you just can't send someone home
what is one of the largest reason's people miss work in America?
Acute pain
sudden onset, less than 3 months
Does acute pain have to deal with sympathetic or parasympathetic?
Which type of pain is typically localized?
Chronic pain
a gradual onset, last 3 months or longer
What culture expresses themselves freely?
What culture doesn't express themselves?
When doing a pain assessment, what do you look for?
where, intensity, radiateing, description, nonverbal
Who shouldn't take NSAIDS and why?
people with gastric bleeding, renal pt etc
decreases blood flow to kidney
What are some S&S of death?
decreased need to eat, death rattle, skin mottling, hypothalamus goes whack and temp goes up, pulse and B/P goes up and then down, urinary output decreases, increase in bowel and bladder incontinence, may get restless, agitated as the air hunger increases
What do you do to help a pt with air hunger?
give them a fan or open a window
What do you do when someone dies?
call the family while someone prepares the body, call the dr, call the coroner or the funeral home after all the family has left, cal the nurse in charge to let them know the pt has died, document
what do you document when someone dies?
who you notified, who cam to see the pt, what time the pt died, how you disposed of the body, what you did, where they went, their belongings and what was done with them