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What is the number one reason for nursing home placement of senior adults?
urinary incontinence
What is the cmmon charactestic trait or mental health disorder associated with Tourette's Syndrome?
What ar ethe 3 leading causes of death for persons 65 years of age or older?
cancer, heart attack (disease), stroke
What does the FIM measure
functional indepence measure: used to measure functional indpedence
What is autonomic dysreflexia?
when your body goes hyper: chills, goosebumps, fever, increase in blood pressure, MEDICAL EMERGENCY

usually occurs in complete spinal cord injury

can be caused by bowel impaction, blocked, catheter, etc.
What is the first intervention a nurse should do if suspecting autonomic dysreflexia?
sit them up
What is the agent of choice when cleaning a pressure ulcer?
normal saline
As a health care professional, must you legally respond to a suspicion of elder abuse?
yes, report to the office of elder abuse: you can report it to social service, but you must make sure it gets officially reported
The elderly have a decrease in pain sensation: True or False
Most families want to engage in careproviding activities for a loved one. True or False
Urinary incontinence is a normal part of aging: True or False
Depression is a normal aspect of aging: True or False
False (it is frequent but not normal)
Every business must comply with the American with Disability Act: True or False
What is the most common type of maltreatment of older abuse?
Pertaining to the Older Americans Act- employers may ask a senior employee or future employee to waive their rights concerning this act: True or False
Senior dementia and senior delirium are the same term appropriately used interchangeably: True or False
What type of ejaculation does a person experience who has TURP?
Assisted suicide is not a legal option in the United States: True or False
Legal in Washington and Oregon