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What is Accuracy?
How close a measurement is to the real value.
what is precision?
HOw close a measurement is to other measurements.
What is Significant Digits?
The digits in a measurement that are known with certainty plus one final digit, whic is estimated.
What is estimation?
An approximate measurement or calculation.
what are the steps of significant digits
1. Determaine where to start
2.Scan for first nonzero or zero with bar.
3All remaining digits are significant.
what are some examples of signtific digits
with out decimal...32100 start to the right
with the deciaml 0.0123 start to the left.
other examples are 400,100
What is Scientific Notation.
is a system of numerical notation created to represent large and small numbers
What are some examples of Scientific Notation?
1.Write significant digits when the deciaml point after the first digit.
2. Multiply by a factor of 10
3.Determine the exponent.Count how far the deciaml point needs to move. 6.69
6.69*10 to the third
what is the first step in writing in scientific notation?
is detemaining the significant digits. Significant digits are the digits of a number beginning with the first digit on the left is not a zero and ending with the last digit on the right that is not a zero.Zeros that serve only as placeholders are not significant digits
what are some rules that will help you when determaining these things?
1.If the number does not have a deciaml point start from the right and scan past any zeros until you reach a nonzero digit or a zero with a bar.The remaining digits are significant.
2.If the number has a decimal point,start from the left and scan past any zeros until you reach a nonzero digit or a zero with a bar.The remaining digits are significant.