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hollywood ten
decided not to cooperate because they beleived that the hearings were uncistitutional
-refused to answer questions os sent to prison
a lsit of poeple whom they condemned for having a communist background
alger hiss
accused of spying for the soviet union
--chambers, a former communist, was the one who accused him and he produced a microilm og governemtn docusments that he claimed had been typed on hiss's ttypewriter
Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
minor activists in the Aemreican Communists Party
--asked if tehy were communists-denied charges
-found guilty of espionage
attacks on suspected communistst in the early 1950s were known as this
-took advantage of peopels concerms about communisms and were made by joseph mccarthy
Joseph mcCarthy
-a republican from wisconsin
-realized he as goign to neeed a winning issure in order to be relected
H bomb
more desturctive than the atomic bomb
Dwight D Eisenhower
preseident by the time both countries had the H-bomb
John Foster DUlles
anit communists
-secretray of stae
-the cold wat was a moral crusade against communisms
-proposed that the US could prevent the spread of communism by using force
went to the adge of an all out war
-US trummed its army and navy and expanded its air force
as nation shifted to a dependence of nuclear arms the Eisenhower administration relied on these spies to gater info aborad
-weakned those thaat twere a threat to US
Warsaw Pact
linked the Soivet Union wiht seven European countries
-militray alliance formed by soviet unnion when west germany allowed to ream and join NATo
Eisenhower Doctine
said that he US would defned the MIddle EAst against an attack by any communist country
Nikita Khrushchev
bleieved communism would take over the world but thought it would triumph peacefully
Francis Gary Powers
A U-2 pilot,
-the existence and purpose of the U-2 was an open secret among members of the american press
-the soviets had been aware ofthe flights since 1958