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Invented the cyclotron.
Ernest O. Lawrence
Developed the equation that describes how mass can be converted to energy.
Albert Einstein
Discovered the natural radioactivity of uranium and thorium.
Henri Becquerel
Achieved the first nuclear fission chain reaction.
Enrico Fermi
Discovered Alpha, Beta, and Gamma rays, the nucleus of the atom, and the proton.
Sir Ernest Rutherford
Discovered X-rays
Wilhelm C. Roentgen
Discovered the "cathode rays' were really negatively charged atomic particles which he named electrons.
J. J. Thomas
Developed the " solar system" model of the atom.
Niels Bohr
Discovered radium.
Marie Curie
With co-worker Fritz Strassman, split the uranium atom, producing the first man made fission reaction.
Otto Hahn
With co-worker Otto Frisch, developed the theory of nuclear fission and explained how it releases so much energy.
Lise Meitner
Co-discoverer of plutonium.
Glenn T. Seaborg