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Palpate the scrotum for?
Asymmetry is normal, with the left scrotal half usually lower than the right
Spread the rugae
Each epididymis normally feels discrete, non-tender
What is a abnormality in the scrotum?
Protruding of internal organ.
Transillumination: serous fluid shows a red glow
Solid tissue and blood do not transilluminate
What is circumcision for?
Decision is culturally based
Jews and Muslims practice circumcision as part of their religious value system.
Benefits: prevention of phimosis, decreases risk for UTI, lower incidence of STDs, reduced risk of genital herpes
What is some considerations in infants?
Premature infants may have undescended testes
Breech delivery males – may have scotal edema
What is hypospadias
urethral opening below penus
what is episadias?
urethral opening above the penis
When doe puberty start in males?
Puberty begins 9.5 – 13.5 years
First sign: enlargement of testes
Then pubic hair and ↑ size of penis
What is TSE?
Should be taught at age 13 through adulthood
T = timing; once a month
S = shower, warm water relaxes scrotal sac
E = examine, check for changes, report changes
What is considerations with the aging male?
Around age 40, sperm production decreases
After age 55-60; testosterone decreases
Amount of hair decreases; pubic hair turns gray
Testes decrease in size, scrotal contents hang lower
What is tinea cruris (jock itch)?
Dark warm moisture, caused by fungal infection
What is the result of a enlarged prostate?
Early symptoms may be tolerated or ignored
Develop incontinence
Nocturia may be due to diuretic medications, fluid ingestion 3 hours before bedtime, especially coffee or alcohol.
What is disurea?
pain or burning with urination
What is testicular torsion?
Excrutiating pain in testicle of sudden onset, often during sleep or following trauma
Sudden twisting of spermatic cord