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1. Death
2. Seriouis Injury
3. Substantial Damage To Aircraft
Serious Injury
A. Hospitalization For More Than 48 Hours
Within 7 Days Of Accident
B. Fracture Of Any Bone
-> Except Simple IE: Nose, Fingers
C. Severe Hemmorage, Nerve Damage, Tendon Damage
D. Damage To Internal Organs
E. 2nd / 3rd Degree Burns More Than 5% Of The Body
Substantial Damage
A. Adversly Effects Performance
B. Structural Strength
C. Flight Characteristics
Immediate Notification
1. Accident
2. Incident
3. Aircraft Is Overdue & Believed To Be Involved In An Accident
A. Flight Control Malfunction Or Failure
B. Inability Of Required Flight Memeber To Perform Duties
C. Failure Of Strutural Component Of Turbine
D. In Flight Fire
E. Aircraft Collision (In FLT)
F. Damage To Property (Non-Aircraft) More Than
1. File Within 10 Days
-> If In An Accident
2. File Within 7 Days
-> If Overdue Aircraft Is Still Missing
3. As Requested
-> An Incident For Which Immediate Notification Was Required