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The __________ is any individual authorized to draft, release and/or process electronically transmitted messages.
The __________ of a message is the authority (command or activity) in whose name a message is sent.
The __________ is an individual authorized to release an organizational record message for transmission in the name of the organization.
The __________ is the individual who composes the organizational message.
What are the message precedence categories and their respective speed of service?
1) Flash (Z) - As fast as possible with an objective of less than 10 minutes.

2) Immediate (O) - 30 minutes

3) Priority (P) - 3 hours

4) Routine (R) - 6 hours
What messages are those directing or affecting the actual use or movement of forces, ships, troops and aircraft whether real or simulated?
Operational Messages
What messages pertain to all other organizational level matters of a nature or urgency that warrant electronic transmission?
Administrative Messages
__________ is the USMTF used for most narrative message.
What are the four types of classified and unclassified narrative messages?
1) Single Address
2) Multiple Address
3) Book
4) General Message
__________ __________ has only one addressee, either action (TO) or information (INFO).
Single Address
__________ _________ has two or more addressees, whether action or informaton, and is of such a nature the drafter determines that each addressee should know the other recipients.
Multiple Address
__________ is destined for two or more addressees, but is of such a nature the drafter determines that no addressee needs nor should be informed of the other addressees.
__________ __________ is a GENADMIN-formatted message designed to meed recurring requirements to disseminate information to a wide, predetermined, standard distribution.
General Message
__________ __________ are short, concise messages which either request action or report a problem on a previously transmitted message.
Service Messages
__________ is when an actual or simulated emergency arises or is anticipated, it may become necessary to reduce the volume of record and/or voice communications by imposing minimize on all military circuits.
RTTUZYUW RULSWCA0001 1270001-UUUU--RHMCSUU. Is an example of what format line?
Format Line Two (F/L 2)
What is the first character of RTTUZYUW RULSWCA0001 1270001-UUUU--RHMCSUU.?
Precedence - Can consist of either an R (routine), P (priority), O (immediate), and Z (flash)
What are the second characters of RTTUZYUW RULSYCA0001 1270001-UUUU--RHMCSUU.?
Language Media Format (LMF) - These characters are usually two Ts (tape to tape) or two As (ASCII to ASCII)
What is the fourth character of RTTUZYUW RULSWCA0001 1270001-UUUU--RHMCSUU.?
Classification - Consists of a one letter designator that indicates the classification or special handling to be afforded the message
What are the letters ZYUW in RTTUZYUW RULSWCA0001 1270001-UUUU--RHMCSUU.?
Content Indicator Code (CIC) - Fifth through eigth characters; consists of a four letter code that identifies the content of the message. ZYUW is the CIC used for all narrative messages. CASREP messages use CIC NGCN.
What is the Originating Station Routing Indicator (OSRI) of RTTUZYUW RULSWCA0001 1270001-UUUU--RHMCSUU.?
Where is the Station Sequence Number (SSN) located on RTTUZYUW RULSWCA0001 1270001-UUUU--RHMCSUU.?
Immediately following the OSRI (RULSWCA) and is a four digit number provided by outgoing message handling personnel for message sequence indentificaton
Where is the Julian Date (JD) and Time of File (TOF) located on RTTUZYUW RULSWCA0001 1270001-UUUU--RHMCSUU.?
Follows the space after the SSN (0001). First three digits are the Julian Date (127) and the last for digits are the Time of File (0001)
What is the Classification Redundancy for RTTUZYUW RULSWCA0001 1270001-UUUU--RHMCSUU.?
The four character code amplifying message classification and special handling designator (SHD) if used. Usually four Us (unclassified), Cs (confidential), Ss (secret), Ts (top secret), i.e. UUUU, CCCC, SSSS, TTTT
What is the Destination Station Routing Indicator (DSRI) for RTTUZYUW RULSWCAA0001 1270001-UUUU--RHMCSUU.?
Follows two hyphens (--) and consists of a six or seven character code identifying the station or system the message will be delivered to upon receipt by Autodin
True or False. The spaces ( ) and hypen (-) are mandatory field markers and F/L 2 always ends with a period (.)
What is the Plain Language Address (PLA) used for?
PLA is the component used to denote the command short title and sometimes geographic location used in message addressing
__________ __________ are made up of predetermined lists of specific ACTION and INFORMATION addressees and are used for the dissemination of administrative and/or operational information to communities of like interest.
Collective Addresses
What format line of a message is the overall classification?
Format Line Twelve (F/L 12)
_____ _____ _____ _____ applies to information not given a security classification under the criteria of an Executive Order, but which for various reasons may be withheld and protected from public release.
For Official Use Only (FOUO)
ALLIED RESTRICTED requires the same security safeguards as U.S. material marked __________?
NATO RESTRICTED shall be safeguarded in a manner similar to the way the Department of Defense (DOD) protects its information marked _____ _____ _____ _____?
__________ _________ is a designation applied to classified messages identified with specific projects requiring special handling procedures supplemental to those required by the security classification.
Special Category (SPECAT)
Computer terminals used to process classified material must comply with the requirements of what OPNAVINST?
Diskettes being used for message perparation must be handled per OPNAVINST _____, OPNAVINST _____ and _____ _____ _____ governing magnetic diskette media.


Local Security Instructions
What publication is a naval message preparation information source for all individuals at all echelongs authorized to draft, release, and/or process electronically transmitted organizational naval messages?
_____ was established in the 1960's to provide secure, automated, store-and-forward message service to meet DOD operational requirements, continues to serve as the backbone for organizational message exchange.
_____ _____ specifies the formatting requirements for AUTODIN messages.
_____ _____ _____ _____ includes coordinating instructions for communications operations associataed with employment of the DOD record message system.
SECNAVINST __________ lists all authorized Standard Subject Indentification Codes (SSICs).
What OPNAVINST provides guidance on the application of security classificaton, special handling, and declassification markings to records?
_____ _____ contains technical specifications on DOD implementation of DMS target systems and directory services.
ACP 123
True or False. All Fleet Marine Force (FMF) units, both active and reserve, are considered "mobile units" and shall not include geographic locations in their PLAs?
True or False. The PLA must contain punctuation characters.
True or False. Numerical designators may be spelled.
True or False. The PLA shall not exceed 69 characters, to include geographic locations.
False. The PLA shall not exceed 55 characters, to include geographic locations
True or False. The PLA shall reflect a single activity only, reflect single geographic location for non-mobile activities, and be self defining.
True or False. Four letter acronym establishments should not be avoided to minimize possible interference with other addressing systems.
False. Four letter acronym establishments should be avoided to minimize possible interference with other addressing systems
True or False. The PLA for a detachment shall be formed by using the parent command's PLA with necessary detachment indentifier prefixed/suffixed.
True or False. Training units which periodically deploy shall include geographic locations in their PLAs.
False. Training units which periodically deploy shall not include geographic locations in their PLAs.
What is the complete and unabbreviated title of an activity as published by OPNAV NOTICE 5450 and the STANDARD NAVY DISTRIBUTION LIST (SNDL) called?
Long Title
Who is prohibited from altering customer diskettes in any manner except when corrective action for transmission of high precedence messages is required and is coordinated with the customer?
TCC/AGT Operators
What are the three mandatory sets that must be included every time a GENADMIN message is written?
1) MSGID set

2) SUBJ set

3) RMKS set
A _____ ____ is a slant (/) which marks the start of each field.
Field Marker
A _____ _____ is the basic element of reported information and may be either formatted or unformatted.
Data Field
Message drafters shall include _____ _____ in all GENADMIN messages.
POC Line
What is added on a reference sent via DSSCS only?
BOM (By other means)
Correspondence referenced shall contain what three items?
1) Originator's PLA

2) Serial Number

3) Date of Correspondence
The SIC shall appear on a separate line after what?
The Classification
What indicates the basic contents of the message?
The Subject