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Who is any individual authorized to draft, release and/or process electronically transmitted messages?
The user
Who is the authority (command or activity) in whose name a message is sent?
The originator of a message
Who is an individual authorized to release an organizational record message for transmission in the name of the organization?
The message releaser
Who is the individual who composes the organizational message?
The drafter
What determines speed of service (SOS) objectives for each message?
What determines whether a message is considered operational or administrative in nature?
Identify the four Precedences with their prosign and speed of service objective.
FLASH Z fast as possible with the objective of less than 10 minutes. IMMEDIATE O 30 minutes PRIORITY P 3 hours ROUTINE R 6 hours
What are the two Message formats?
What are the four types of narrative messages?
Single Address, Multiple Address, Book, and General Message
What is NTP 3?
Telecommunications Users Manual
What is the NTP 3
Guidelines for messages
What are the 4 types of message precedence?
Flash (Z) Immediate (O) Priority (P) Routine (R)
What format line contains precedence, LMF, Classification, CIC, and SSN
Line 2
What are the components of the DTG
First two digits day Next four time 2nd part zone month and year
T or F All numbers from 1-19 should be written out
What does line two contain?
Routing Des, Julian Date
What does line five contain?
DTG, Precedence
What does line seven contain?
Action Line
What does line eight contain?
Those to info to CC
What are lines 11 and 13
What line contains the text?
What line contains the serial number?
What line contains NNNN