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Who does the author of James merely identify himself as?
"James, a bond servant of God, and of the Lord Jesus Christ"
What does James mean in Hebrew
Was the name common?
Traditionally who has this epistle been assigned to?
James, the half brother of Jesus and son of Mary and Joseph of Nazareth
What are the three reasons for this?
1) He was converted by an appearance of Jesus after his resurrection and later joined the followers of Christ
2) James rose to a position of great prominence in the Jerusalem church
3) He was one of the leaders in the Jerusalem Council
What in James is a typical rabbinical feature?
numerous references to nature
How did James die?
When was James probably written?
48-50 AD
Could James possibly be the earliest writing of the New Testament?
What is James similar to in the Old Testament?
wisdom literature
Why is James well suited for public reading in a worship service?
The book is brief
In 108 verses, what does James contain?
54 practical commands intended to spur his congregation to urgent action
Why wasn't James immediately received into the New Testament canon?
1) It was written specifically to Jewish Christians. The majority of congregations at the close of the first century were Gentile
2) Some church leaders felt that James contradicted Paul's teaching of salvation by grace through faith alone
Why did Luther misunderstand James?
Paul is speaking noumenologically, from God's perspective, while James is speaking phenomenologically, from man's perspective
James presents a very practical way of determining not how saving faith comes, but _____________?
how saving faith is known
What is the central theme of James?
a Practical, realistic religion which manifests itself in the work of those who claim to have faith