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When skinfold testing men ages 18 - 61, which 3 sites should you test? (when only using 3 sites)
Chest, Abdomen, Thigh

To remember this: CAT
When skinfold testing women ages 18 - 55, which 3 sites should you test? (when only using 3 sites)
Triceps, Suprailium, Thigh

To remember this TeST
When skinfold testing children/adolescents, ages 6 -17 years, which 2 sites should you test?
Triceps + Medial Calf

To remember this: Test Children (TC)
When doing an Astrand-Rhyming Cycle Ergometer test, what do you set the initial cadence at?
50 RPM
When measuring blood pressure, how high should you inflate the cuff?
To 160 mmHG or 20 mmHg above anticipated systolic BP.
20 above hypertension
Most adults have a resting heart rate (pulse) between ___ & ___ BPM.
60 & 80