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supplies blood to lateral aspect of brain
middle cerebral artery
supplies choroid plexi
anterior choroidal artery
(from MCA)
most common area of stroke
middle cerebral artery
why is the forehead usually spared in an MCA stroke?
because the forehead part of the facial nerve nucleus is innervated bilaterally. an upper motor neuron problem will not cause paralysis of the facial muslces
what is a defect in the left or right half of the visual field in both eyes?
homonomous hemianopsia
signs / symptoms of a posterior cerebral artery stroke?
homonomous hemianopsia
sudden devastating (medulla!)
subclavian steal syndrome
if the left subclavian is stenotic, increased use of the left arm can steal blood from the brain (vertebral-->basilar-->post cerebral) causing ischemia and dizziness.
4 cardiac sources of thrombo-emboli
mural thrombus from MI
patent FO
artificial heart valve vegetations
atrial fib
how do transthoracic echocardiograms and transesophageal echocardiograms differ?
TTE - noninvasive, looks at ventricles, looks for CHF, mural thrombus

TEE - invasive - looks at atria, finds atrial fib, patent FO, valve vegetations
hollenhurst plaque
a calcified clot moving through the branches of the opthalmic artery causing scotoma
how can a subcortical stroke cause only motor or only sensory deficit?
a lacunar stroke in a lenticulostriate artery could infarct part of the internal capsule. the rostral internal capsule is motor, caudal is sensory.
would a subcortical stroke of the LSA cause aphasia
no. language centers not involved
which would be more affected in a subcortical and cortical stroke: arm, leg, face?
cortical: face>arm>leg
subcortical: face = arm = leg
how would a subcortical or cortical stroke influence level of consciousness?
cortical can decrease level of consciousness

subcortical will not affect level of consciousness
how does hypertension cause occlusion of vessels?
tunica media hypertrophies
how can diabetes cause occlusion of arteries?
may increase rate of atherosclerosis in small caliber blood vessels
what is preferred type of imaging to detect acute ischemia?
diffusion weighted imaging and ?
better than T2
what is a charcot bouchard aneurysm?
caused by hypertension
how can alzhemier's disease cause hemorrhagic stroke?
amyloid angiopathy - plaques weaked blood vessels
which is faster: epidural or subdural hematoma?
epidural (arterial vs venous)
epidural hematoma
blood vessel on surface of meninges such as middle meningeal artery bleeds

ex. trauma to pterion
subdural hematoma
veins cross arachnoid and dura to communicate w/ superior sagital sinus. if one of these ruptures, blood will drip into the space b/t the dura and the arachnoid
subarachnoid hematoma
bleed on surface of the brain in subarachnoid space
ex. Berry aneurysm
extreme headache
use spinal tap and look for blood
yellow - old
orange - fresh